Saturday, April 25, 2015

USS' new ride Puss In Boots' Giant Journey is Good Fun for the Family!

There's a new ride at Universal Studios Singapore (USS) that might end up being a new favfurrite with both the young and old.

Set in the whimsical fairy-tale land of Far Far Away, is the new outdoor ride called Puss in Boots' Giant Journey. The ride was launched on April 8th in conjunction with USS' 5th anniversary.

The suspended anti-gravity rollercoaster ride takes the legendary swashbuckling Puss in Boots and his lady accomplice Kitty Soft Paws to a wild goose chase within a giant's castle. There are 12 scenes in the ride, as the adventurers try to escape from angry Mama Goose after stealing the golden egg in order to save St Richardo's Orphanage!

Red Dot Diva was invited to experience the new ride earlier this week. It was a scorching hot day so she could only snap a few photos of the giant's castle without the sun burning a hole in her eyes. The giant's castle itself looked very pleasing to the eye, with the bright green beanstalk curling around the structure, amd little details of tendrils and leaves surrounding the admission area.


The cabins for the ride were painted wooden and bright orange and seat up to a total of 9 people. Suspended on a matching green track, the ride blended purrfectly with the giant's castle.

The waiting area was made up to look like a marketplace.

No photos were allowed during the ride, so Red Dot Diva was unable to document with her camera.

Once everyone is secure in the carriage, it is moved up a few stories (about 5 levels?) as if one is going up a spiral staircase and then, the adventure of stealing the golden goose egg begins! The ride is really short - two minutes of relatively easy dips and turns - with the rollercoaster going at a light speed.

For adrenaline junkies, the ride is absolutely nothing to scream about. But it was the kind of quick clean thrill that gave a Red Dot Diva a much needed well-deserved break being stuck at her office cubicle. Puss in Boots' Giant Journey is also very suitable for family with small children who are new to rollercoasters or for folks who are afraid of heights.

Unfortunately, she did not have the chance to view the new Puss and Kitty's 20-minute show called "The Dance for the Magic Beans", but perhaps, this is another excuse to visit USS for a fuller day of fun in the near future.

When walking back out to the main entrance of USS, a stop was made at the MinionMart to cool off from the searing heat in the airconditioned shop.

It turned out to be a glorious place filled with all sorts of Minion (SQUEEE!) goodies and merchandise, including that plush FLUFFY Unicorn! There were also fluffy unicorn bedroom slippers that, surprisingly, were stocked in adult sizes as well. Red Dot Diva was sooooooo tempted to get a pair. With the superpowers of practical restraint, she refrained from making any evil purchases that day.

Red Dot Diva expects USS to be coloured Pantone Minion Yellow and over-run by minions when the "Minions" movie is released locally. She thinks that when that happens, it would be a great time for her make a villainous re-visit to USS!


Thanks to USS for the invite, and the paw-some Puss In Boots swag!

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