Wednesday, April 22, 2015

SRT's Shakespeare In The Park 2015 is "The Tempest"

The Shakespeare in the Park at Fort Canning is becoming a mid-year outdoor tradition for most local drama fans.

The annual production has been successfully presented to theatre goers by leading company Singapore Repertory Theatre (SRT) for the last number of years. The lavishly produced Shakespearean plays performed have included "A Midsummer Night's Dream", "Hamlet", "Much Ado About Nothing", "Macbeth", "The Twelfth Night", "Othello" and "The Merchant of Venice".

This year, "The Tempest" (the 8th Shakespeare in the Park production by SRT) will take centrestage at Fort Canning. "The Tempest" is said to be Shakespeare's last play and one of two plays where the plot is entirely original.

Directing the adaptation is Braham Murray, OBE, who is also one of the founding Artistic Directors of The Royal Exchange in Manchester. Braham Murray brings with him the prodigious experience of working in over 100 plays!

To enhance the local audience's visual and emotional experience of "The Tempest", Braham Murray intends to use the spiritual and ethnic Asian cultures and religions in this adaptation of the play. The upcoming production is also said to feature the tallest set ever to be built in Singapore!

Supporting director Braham Murray is an impressive crew from various countries. They include Simon Higlett (Production Designer - TMA Awards for Best Design, Elizabeth Rex and Three Sisters), Gabriel Chan (Lighting Designer), Tayo Akinbode (Composer - Musical Director, Julius Caesar, Royal Shakespeare Company) and Mike Walker (Sound Designer - Olivier Award for Best Sound Design, Jerry Springer – The Opera).

Taking up the main role of Prospero, the exiled sorcerer and rightful Duke of Milan, is actor Simon Robson from the U. Simon Robson has recently appeared in the British TV series "Doctors". Julie Wee will be acting as Miranda, Prospero's daughter. One may remember her as the quick-witted Portia in last year's "The Merchant of Venice". Joining the two will be Tim Wan, who assumes the role of the Prince of Milan and Miranda's love interest, Ferdinand. Matt Grey will be performing as Antonio, and Ann Lek takes up the role of the playful sprite, Ariel.

"The Tempest" is essentially a romance story, that is set to be fill the stage with elements of magic and enchantment. Together with such the unique and historical Fort Canning Park as backdrop, enjoying the play with a picnic basket, a bottle of wine and good company is a must.

The production begins from 29th April with dedicated student nights on Fridays. For those who want to have first digs at a nice picnic spot, come early as the gates will open at 6.30 PM. Performances will commence at 7.30 PM. Tickets can be purchased at SISTIC.

Red Dot Diva is all set to take in the lush production of "The Tempest" next weekend. Look out for her review of the play soon after that!


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