Saturday, August 25, 2012

He's Baaaaaaaackkkkkkkkkkk ---- Furby that is!

Is this one more shuffle toward an impending Roboapocalypse??

Many years ago, a creepy interactive toy called Furby took the world by storm. It was a Mogwai-looking creature-thing that could blink its eyes and chatter incessantly, and it either charmed or infuriated households everywhere.

If you are one of those who misses teaching robotic toys tricks, Red Dot Diva says to take heart. Thanks to Hasbro, the new rebooted and refurbished Furby will be coming back to create some mischief and stalk your hallways!

This time, Furby's personality will be even more tuned to how it is being treated. It will seem more huggable with soft-to-touch "fur", has more sensors, a pair of large, expressive LCD eyes and rubbery ears that can move and pick up sounds.

And yes, Furby will still be chattering in his own cute language called FURBISH. And from what Red Dot Diva hears, he has also managed to pick up some English too! Eeep. Furby-Creep-Factor has just been upped a few notches.

Furby will come in 6 different fur colours and will establish a different personality depending on its experiences, like the kind of music he listens to, or how he is being handled. Each personality will then react to other scenarios in unique ways, for example, Furby may burp after he''s being fed.

And to add to all that interactivity, Furby even has an iOS that will connect with a free app which  can be downloaded on one's iPhone/ iPad/ iPod touch. The Furby App would allow one to feed Furby remotely or access a Furbish-English dictionary.

See what Furby 2012 can do in this official Hasbro video:

Red Dot Diva fears for all parents out there who will have kids and teenagers hankering for this new robotic toy, especially when it is being released just in time for the year-end festive season. She thinks they should get used to phrases like "Ah-may koh-koh" and "Wee-tee toh-toh" before the Furby-pocalypse arrives. (Like the previous incarnation, Furby 2012 has no off switch!)

You (and your poor real fur-pets) have been warned!


Pre-orders will begin from 30 August till 9 September 2012 for the public at all local Toys”R”Us outlets.

Furby will officially be looking for a home here on 16 September, at the retail price of about SGD 119.90.

On that day, for both pre-orders and purchases made at Toys”R”Us, buyers will get exclusive Furby goodie back and free gifts!

To celebrate Furby's return, the Toys”R”Us at VivoCity will also be having a day of fun-filled activities.

Image Credit: Hasbro Singapore


  1. I'm just laughing, I can't believe they added a toy with an android ap. Well I guess its like those other things, forgot what they were called now, you had to register them online and there were games and stuff. WebKins I think.

  2. Furby!!!! I miss my furby!!!!! I want a purple one. Since I'm waaaaay past the "kids & teens" stage, I justified mine as a training tool for the class I was teaching on computer sci. An example of AI, right? :-)
    Hope this one purrs.