Saturday, August 11, 2012

Get Your Wigs On For International Cosplay Day Singapore 2012

Do the names like Yaya Han, Jerry Polente and Jay Tablante mean anything to you?

If you are squeeing (or going into excited convulsions) at the thought of the three names, then Red Dot Diva supposes she would most probably see you at the inaugural International Cosplay Day Singapore (ICDS) held on 26 August 2012 at Ngee Ann Polytechnic.

ICDS is a fan-based cosplay and pop-culture convention organized by The Neo Tokyo Project team and community. The Neo Tokyo Project folks are very active in cosplay locally, and Red Dot Diva got to know of them only in recent times. Thanks to the team, she has gained some insight to that intriguing world of cosplay through a stream of tidbits on her social network feed.

With the aim to celebrate the diversity of cosplay and pop-culture, ICDS also coincides with International Cosplay Day celebrations around the globe.

The three names mentioned above - popular cosplayers Yaya Han and Jerry Polente, and admired cosplay and lifestyle photographer Jay Tablante - have already been announced as special guests for the event. All of them will be acting as judges as well for the cosplay competition, probably the most colourful event of the day's schedule.

Voluptuous Yaya Han is a familiar face in cosplay. She has a myriad of costumes from anime/ manga to Western pop-culture to scifi, and even has her own elaborate creations, like a costume called the Absyinthe Fairy. One might remember her at Comic-Con 2011 as an almost real to life "Game of Thrones" Daenerys Targaryen dressed in an ethereal purple costume and carrying a dragon model (see pic on right from Yaya's website).

This will be Yaya's first visit to Red Dot Island, and Red Dot Diva can't wait to see who she will be cosplaying as during ICDS!

Jerry Polence is not only a popular cosplayer, she is also a blogger and owns her own YouTube channel. Originally from the Philippines, she is now based in USA and is well-remembered as cosplaying Shiva from Final Fantasy X.

Rounding up the list of announced guests-of-honour is Jay Tablante, who was here last year for a one-day event called Geekology 101. The lively and creative photographer has lots of amusing anecdotes from years of working with models and sets. Especially noteworthy are the sometimes deceivingly simple techniques in which Jay and his team use to create those special details that make a photograph pop-out. (For Red Dot Diva's last interview with Jay Tablante, click on this link!)

Joining the three guests-of-honour are the cast and crew of "COSPLAY: The Series". The Indonesian-based fan-made cosplay-themed web series will be filming their Singapore special in Red Dot Island. Hmmm... will any of our local cosplayers be making an appearance on the web series?

Trailer 1 of "COSPLAY: The Series":

ICDS' one-day schedule is set to begin at 10 am. And it appears to be chockful of events like guest panels, competitions, autograph sessions, cosplay catwalks and get this -- something mystifying called Singapore's Annual Cosplay Chess, a two-hour long cosplay stage performance. It's a performance that Red Dot Diva has never seen before, and she is curious about it even though she does not know how to play chess.....

There will also be exhibitor booths, an artists alley and ahhhhh... something Red Dot Diva knows she will enjoy - free sponsored Nescafe coffee on site.

With all the velvet, frills and lace, coloured wigs and cleavage all set to explode on the ICDS scene, Red Dot Diva is confident that she will be able to slink around unnoticed to record most of the goings-on. (And if you actually ever Spot the Diva on that day, she will wonder what on earth you were at ICDS for!!)


For more information on ICDS, head to the website at

Tickets are still available from various event partners. Click here to see how you can grab those tickets for August 26!

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