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SDCC 2012 Recap: Hints & Teasers at the "Falling Skies" Panel

Anyone involved in Star Trek should not be a stranger to alien invasions. So it was no surprise that "Star Trek: TNG's" actor, lifelong geek and fan-favourite Wil Wheaton was the moderator for the TNT scifi drama "Falling Skies" panel at the recent Comic-Con

Red Dot Diva was busy networking at the Heavy Metal booth with the folks involved with animation movie "War of the Worlds: Goliath" on Day 2 July 13 Friday afternoon, and did not attend the panel. But her good friend Chelle was there!

From what she heard, the cast and producers of the series were pretty generous with their teasers concerning the remaining episodes of Season 2 (which will be ending this weekend) and the upcoming Season 3 to air in 2013.

Here's Chelle with her recap of the SDCC 2012 "Falling Skies" panel (note: there are some spoilers ahead!):

On Friday after my volunteer work assignment was completed for Comic-Con, I was able to get into the "Falling Skies" panel.

Cast members Noah Wyle, Moon Bloodgood, Drew Roy, Will Patton, Connor Jessup, Colin Cunningham, arah Carter, and executive producer Remi Aubuchon, were present at the panel. Wil Wheaton moderated the event.

Wil mentioned that "Falling Skies" was renewed for a 3rd season to which the cast members were very thankful towards the audience.

Questions like who was who’s favorite character and why Pope stays with the 2nd Mass were fielded to the panel.Colin Cunningham who plays bad boy Pope on the show said that he was the most interesting character he’s ever played and that Pope was wonderful and fascinating. He mentioned that he was privileged and honored to be able to play this complex character.

Then, a clip of the next episode from Season 2 was screen. After which, Jessy Schrum who plays Karen joined the group and questions were asked of the cast if they felt they could “trust” her character’s return to the 2nd Mass. Of course everyone said no, except Jessy who stated that she could be a good guy and that her character was just happy to be back with the group.

Noah Wyle, who plays the main role of Tom Mason, said that the 2nd Mass was excited that they were no longer an isolated group, and that Charleston shouldn’t be thought of as a concentration camp or a mythical place. And then, with some prompting from moderator Wil, Remi Aubuchon revealed that a new character was going to be introduced in Charleston, whom "Tom knows very well from his past". And this character  will be played by Terry O’Quinn (who was John Locke in "Lost").

It was also hinted that a major character would be killed off this season. The hour passed so quickly that the cast had to wrap up the panel. Another clip from the next episode (which has already been aired recently) concerning the heartbreaking scene between Lourdes, Matt, Anne and the fate of poor Jamil.

I thought the remaining episodes of this season's "Falling Skies" looked totally awesome and action packed. This is getting me all eager about how they will be ending Season 2 and what's coming next in Season 3!

Here's the trailer for Season 2's exciting finale:


Thanks to Chelle (@HardlyanAngel) for the blog post.
There will be a couple more SDCC reports from Chelle in the next few weeks!

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