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STGCC 2012: Leave Your Guilt Behind - Snatch Those Exclusives!

The frenzy at pop-culture and comic conventions is not just about the shared passion in geekdom. It is also the uncontainable google-eyed glee at being able to shop for all those limited edition items and exclusives!

And STGCC is not short of these. At all!

To help you bust your wallet, Red Dot Diva lists some of those awesome exclusives available this weekend at STGCC.

She knows you know you want them! *g*

Serious toy collectors and those looking for a quick buck know that these are *the* hot items to grab for.

At last year's STGCC, people lined up overnight just to be able to rush straight to the Hot Toys booth when doors open, and then lined up there again for these coveted figurines.

This year, the limited edition figurines offered this year are Lt. Jim Gordon, Angelica from "POTC" and Captain America: The First Avenger:

Click pic for bigger version
Hot Toys stuff are so popular that this time round, limited presale tickets were sold online to those who wanted all 3 toys. Collectors will then have to prepay for this at the STGCC roadshow and collect the items during convention days. The pre-sale also included tickets to the convention!

Red Dot Diva wishes she owns a mansion or has her own cavernous diva-den so that she can nab these sizzling toys. Unfortunately, that's not the case at the moment.

At this stretch of the exhibition hall booths C-24 and C-22 are three exhibitors who are combining efforts and aiming to be the hub for comics and vinyl toy fans. This is mainly due to the bunch of comic book artists who will be making their appearance here.

The artistic melee of bicepstuous proportions includes Marvel artist Mark Brooks (courtesy of Invasion Toys & Collectibles) and Mico Suayan, Stephen Segovia, Carlo Pagulayan, Jason Paz, Mark Torres, Rudy Ao, Wendy Chew and Shawn Yap (hosted by 8-Bit and Vinyl-on-Vinyl).

All the artists are armed with limited items ready for the STGCC weekend. Red Dot Diva is unable to name all of them in this blog post, but would just like to highlight a few of those offered at these booths

"Ink: Toxicated - The Art of Mark Torres (Vol. 1)"

Get ready to celebrate with indie comic artist Mark Torres as he pops his artbook cherry with the launch of "Ink: Toxicated" at STGCC.

The 48-page book documents Mark's artistic process, has a series of illustrations, plus a special "something something" within.

Energetic, bold and a little rebellious, Mark's art seems to be straining to jump out the pages. Red Dot Diva senses that those who like to be surprised would love this printed collectible to smithereens.


Every time Red Dot Diva sees news about "Honnie", she inevitably has that earworm of an Abba song stuck in her head.

She is sure those who manage to get their hands on this very limited vinyl toy wouldn't mind that it gets stuck in their collection though!

"Honnie" is local artist Wendy Chew's very first vinyl toy based on one of her self-designed characters. The sexy flirty resin-moulded thing is 5" and there are only 20 pieces of "Honnie" available!

Get one at SGD 65 and this could be your theme song for a long time to come:

Honnie honey, how you thrill me, ah-haaahhh,  Honnie honey....

"Poison Ivy"

Oh my.

Artist Carlo Pagulayan's very toxic Poison Ivy art print could turn one green just by looking at it.

'Nuff said

Also available at this booth area are Mark Brooks' gorgeous artbook "Groundworks" that Red Dot Diva has already mentioned in a previous blog post right here. Plus several beautiful limited art prints by the other artist guests.

You can browse through a list on this FB event page.

For sure, this booth hub is where one could simply go broke within minutes!


In the kingdom of toy collection, well-respected local blogger Andy Heng is back at STGCC with a vengeance after taking a long break recovering from stroke.

There are toys and toy exclusives galore at Toys REvil's F-51 booth, as well as a series of signing sessions by well-known toy artists like Gabriel Tiongson, Antz and Quiccs.

One of those adorable limited edition toys is the Paul-Shih hand-crafted hot pink-afroed-BEDEVIL. There are only FOUR of these available at STGCC!! So head there early to get hold of this so that you won't get .. ahem.. bummed out!

Art prints by the featured designers will also be available together with Toys Revil's Andy's toy fanzine called "I LOVE TOYS". STGCC will be the site of the fanzine's premiere and do note that only 30 copies will be up for grabs.


A talented sculptor who goes with the moniker HairyAsHell has teamed up with artist Keatopia to come up with an all new exclusive character prototype called "The Unseen Darkness" at this year's convention.

The prototype of "The Unseen Darkness" - who is based on a mash-up of superheros and ancient mythology - will be revealed at STGCC.

Who is "The Unseen Darkness"?? What does he look like? Based on a preview pic, he looks hellishly nasty (in a good way). Curious yet? Go to Booth this weekend and be one of the first few to find out!

"The Unseen Darkness" will be a limited edition statue and the first 10 pre-orders will receive a free exclusive art print of the character.

Oh and BTW, last year’s STGCC exclusive characters: Lucifer’s Ladies will be available for purchase at Booth G-13 at a very special convention price!


This partnership will be bringing fans lots of pop-culture goodies at their STGCC booth B-03, with artist appearances, photo opportunities, limited art prints / artbooks like those from the Banshee Creative Group/ Gilamon Studios (see here for more details!) and Noval Hernawan.

GnB loves rewarding its members for their loyalty and so, by flashing your membership card at the booth, you will be entitled to enter a Very Special Grand Prize Lucky Draw!

The exhibitors are still being a little mysterious about what will exactly be offered this weekend, but have been offering many sneak peeks on their Facebook page.

Including this image of what Diamond will be bringing in:

They are coin banks!! Cute, right??

If you squee-ed when you heard street artist and toy designer Tristan Eaton was announced as STGCC guest, you'll squee even harder after knowing what he new stuff he will be releasing at the event!

Go look for him at Booth E-15 where he will be doing live paintings and showcasing limited creator-toys and books.

One of the items that Tristan will be bringing is a silk-screen print of the album art he created for musician Everlast’s "Songs of the Ungrateful Living". Signed by both Tristan and Everlast, this item is limited to 100 pieces and will be priced at SGD 125.

What is special about this print is that all profits will be donated to the Great Strides fundraiser for The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, which tries to find a cure for the disease which afflicts children including Everlast’s young daughter.

And the list of STGCC exclusives goes on and on!

For instance, there's the Singpost Star Wars stamps collectibles (It is a good thing Red Dot Diva is not a stamp collector!) and artist friend Kevin Chan's graphic anthology "THREE" (in collaboration with "The Animation Twins"),

Take the time to browse through the long list of exclusives at STGCC's website right here. And then Red Dot Diva advises that one plans how broke one intends to be at the convention, and then, strategize your buying schedule accordingly!

Happy Shopping!

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