Saturday, August 4, 2012

SDCC 2013 Pre-Registration: Did Passes Sell Out Again?

Making changes to the registration process is what Comic-Con's organizers tend to do in recent times.

After the insane long lines for registration in 2011 for 2012's passes, they have decided to do away with on-site pre-registration entirely.

Instead, people who had paying tickets for 2012's Comic Con, received an email informing them that online pre-registration would be held today, 4th August at 8 am PST, via their EPIC member login.

Many of Red Dot Diva's friends were poised nervously online, all ready to hit their fingers on the keyboard to join the almost Olympic sport of SDCC-registration.

@readysteadystop, organizer of the San Diego Zombie Walk, was number 5,331 in line, and this was just 30 seconds after pre-registration opened!

Red Dot Diva's Comic-Con roomie and Canadian blogger, @syellefan88 managed to get in the first early thousands. So, she managed to get Preview Night + 4-Day passes for two other roomies - @eserei27 and Felicia! Fantastic teamwork there, ladies! (Each person was allowed to register for 3 people in total.)

There was said to be 14,000 passes available for Preview Night and all were snapped up in less than 30 minutes! This was followed swiftly by the 4-day passes at around the 40-minute mark. At about 9 am PST, the 1-day passes for popular days Friday and Saturday were also sold out, and pre-registration soon closed.

Things seem to have gone much smoother than the registration exercise for this year's event. However, as in the case of this thing we call Life, some people scored the tickets they wanted; some didn't.

There are still chances to nab those coveted passes though, Red Dot Diva says. Open registration will commence in early 2013 and more Comic-Con passes will be made available then. Also, judging by how successful and well-received some of the off-site events were this year (e.g. the WB's Extra stage just outside Hilton Bayfront and The Nerd Machine's Nerd HQ), many fans could even consider coming to San Diego that week, just to enjoy doing other things even if they cannot secure any SDCC passes. 

Some folks have been wondering how Red Dot Diva fared during today's pre-registration exercise. Well, Red Dot Diva says that she did not manage to get any.

Due to her being accredited as Press this year, she was not considered a paying pass-holder and will therefore have to wait till next year when media registrations open up again.

As it is, Comic Con 2013 is still 11 months away. And between now and then, Red Dot Diva intends to stay flexible and open to other plans and opportunities until the date draws nearer.

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