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SDCC 2012 Recap: Diva Got The "Coma" Experience

There is one other thing Red Dot Diva is a sucker for -- a macabre thriller story.

And Michael Crichton.

OK. So those are actually two things. But combined, you'd get the 1978 medical horror film called "Coma", based on Robin Cook's best-selling novel.

Over 30 years later, cable channel A&E revives the creepy story about a young doctor who decides to investigate why healthy patients were suddenly found to be in a coma state. The 4-part mini series produced by Ridley Scott and Tony Scott, will premiere as a two-night event on USA's Labor Day.

To promote the epic mini-series, A&E set up a bloody good preview during the recent Comic-Con with something called The "Coma" Experience.

@eserei27 getting tagged
And on Day 1, Red Dot Diva was invited for the media sneak peek before it was open to the public!

It was an invitation she could not say no too. Especially since Red Dot Diva knew that her good friend @eserei27 - who is a real life doctor - would love having a "Coma" Experience.

All ready for a fresh injection of fun, they made their way to The Jefferson Institute, "a leading facility for coma patient care", just across the convention center. Before they could proceed behind the mysterious dark barricades, a nurse put hospital bracelets around their wrists, and admitted them as patients. Red Dot Diva thought that at this point, @eserei27 must have been feeling right at home.

They were then ushered behind the fences into a deceivingly peaceful garden-like waiting area, complete with a fountain. It was a short wait but even that placed an impatient Red Dot Diva in a wheelchair.

A nurse then ushered the patients into the surgery room, where they were welcomed by a show of some dead bodies on gurneys. Opposite these corpses, some other patients were found to be suitable candidates for a 3D surgical scar tattoo. Red Dot Diva did not opt for to get one and it was only later that she knew what it actually looked like.

Here's the tattoo on a Jefferson Institute patient who escaped the horrors waiting for her:

Lucky thing. She might have ended up like one unfortunate patient Red Dot Diva found sprawled on the floor behind bloodied curtains. *shudder*

Proceeding onto a highly secured Area 2, a couple of doctors were hard at work doing surgery. Wait. Was that a liver?!? Eeep.

Before Red Dot Diva could investigate further, the nurses hurriedly ushered them onto Area 8.

And there, the visitors saw the Coma Pod, an actual prop from the series. A few steps onward, and that the preview tour ended with patients being carefully registered in another medical database, and then put into a Coma (against a green screen).

Outside "Jefferson Institute", red-eyed patients were dragging their intravenous drips and moaning to those waiting in line, "do not trust the doctors.... do not believe what they sayyy... " while doctors in white coats cheerily handed out name cards.

Now, Red Dot Diva says, that was the *most* disturbing scene of all!

Check out the run-down of Red Dot Diva's "Coma" Experience in the video clip below:

The entire preview took about a quick 15 minutes, but Red Dot Diva thought it was bloody fun.

A tad gruesome. But certainly very memorable!


Remember to check out "Coma" on A&E, Monday, September 3 and concluding on Tuesday, September 4 at 9PM ET/PT each night. The series stars James Woods, Geena Davis, Richard Dreyfuss, Ellen Burstyn, Lauren Ambrose and Stephen Pasquale. Executive producers are Ridley Scott, Tony Scott, David W. Zucker, Martin Erlichman and Mikael Salomon.

To help uncover the conspiracy with the help of hackers and informants, visit
One might even manage to find a link to a clip from the series. (Hint: patient bracelet!)

Official website:


Red Dot Diva would like to thank the A&E for the invite to the "Coma" Experience!
Special thanks to Walter Schmidli from Glow Interactive.

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