Wednesday, August 24, 2011

STGCC 2011 - Diva Stalking The Toy Shops

At this year's STGCC, Red Dot Diva got her eyes massaged by the many sexy display booths at the exhibition hall. She was also seduced by the pretty good range of toys available at the exhibition hall.

To her surprise, there were actually a lot more enticing toys compared to last year's offerings.

She noticed that the toy shops were having rather brisk sales during the two days. One store selling Transformers toys had a crowd milling around the booth almost all the time!

Firstly, Red Dot Diva is not going to even mention those exclusive hot Hot Toys figurines again. If she had more ka-ch$ng ka-ch$ng, she would be the owner of three (or more) of them by now - all promptly carted home that same morning by an entourage of beefy minions.

For mere aesthetic brain-tickling purposes though, Red Dot Diva would like to show this specially blinged-out Ironman and War Machine. She never would have thought the two of them would look so Pimpin' HOT in fuchsia!

These specially customized figurines were made by celebrated designers and formed part of the The Iron Man CollARTible figures at Hot Toys' booth.

As she walked around the hall, the toys especially, were practically calling out her name. Those cutesy Gloomy Bears by DevilRobots were trying to glamour her with their eyes.... Ugh. Even those weird anime cosplay hats and furry paws at the Otaku House shop were luring her to buy them. *grabby hands*

Otaku House even had Angry Birds stuff!

Simply Toys' booth (guarded by a giant bulgy RatFink) was filled with boxes and boxes of cute Funko bobbleheads ranging from the usual superheroes to Star Wars to South Park. Red Dot Diva was so sorely tempted by the Yoda/ Han Solo bobbleheads and Thor/ The Joker plushies and she almost went home with these toys.

But she strongly resisted all of them due to "budget issues". *sad diva panda face*

To be honest, what really cast a spell on Red Dot Diva's warped brain was the limited edition bright-red "O-No Sashimi" by designer Andrew Bell (who's such a morbid sweetheart in person, BTW). Special thanks to fellow blogger Ryan who helped her get one of those precious fishies first thing on Day 1! XD

And that was the Only Toy Red Dot Diva bought at the convention.

Andrew's tiny booth was stocked with some Androids, t-shirts and some other toys but it really wasn't a true showcase of his ingenious designer mind. Red Dot Diva really hopes he is able to come back next year with a much larger booth display.

Despite the cramped cubbyhole where he was at, Andrew worked hard meeting his South-East Asian fans and Red Dot Diva saw him sign countless number of his designer toys last weekend.

Red Dot Diva wants to know if anyone got to meet Andrew Bell too? Share about your Dead Zebra experience at #STGCC on her Facebook page! She would love to hear from you.

For those who were unable to make it to the convention this year, Red Dot Diva managed to nab some freebies for a blog giveaway.

A set of DC pins and a DC comics preview booklet (in full-colour) will be given away to a random person who posts an answer to this question on her Facebook page or blog article comment box:

"What is the exclusive limited edition toy offered by Andrew Bell at STGCC called?"

-- Coming Soon: More blog posts and autographed stuff to give away! --

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