Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Special STGCC Greetings From TV Lala Land

Many fans wish that our local conventions were more like what they see in the USA, with more celebrities and well-known guests. They crave to get close to the Hollywood stardust, but most of the time, acquiring such guests to events held on Red Dot Island simply hard to come by.

So, since many local fans miss the chance of meeting their favourite celebrities in person, Red Dot Diva endeavoured to digitally bring geeky STGCC-goers some greetings from a few popular personalities:

Todd Stashwick - actor ("Heroes", "Riches"), comic creator of "Devil Inside"

Do check out "Devil Inside", a warped and witty supernatural-based web-comic Todd created together with artist and good friend, Dennis Calero.

For more video clips of Todd talking about "Devil Inside" at SDCC, click to this blog article!

Michael McMillian - actor ("True Blood", "Dorian Blues"), comic creator ("Lucid")

Singapore: This could be a mutually beneficial relationship. Make me huge in Singapore and then I can come out and maybe bring some TB folks with me! Come on guys, we can do it!!

Michael, a self-confessed comic geek, has also been involved in writing graphic novels. He has created a graphic novel series "Lucid" (published by Archaia) telling the stories of covert spy-mage Matthew Dee that is set in futuristic times.

Michael also co-wrote the "True Blood: Tainted Love" comics which are a spin-off from the HBO TV series "True Blood".

Michael has graciously signed a copy of "True Blood: Tainted Love" #2 graphic novel for a giveaway! Find out how one can win a copy of this comic from this blog post. (Do scroll down for contest details). The blog giveaway ends on 19th August.

Mark Christopher Lawrence - actor (Big Mike from "Chuck")

To all the Singapore Chuck fans... Have a great Comic Con. I wish I could be there with you!

Sadly, "Chuck" - a TV series that appeals to many geeks - will be entering into its last season this fall. Check out what the cast had to say during the last SDCC panel of "Chuck" in this blog article.

My friend D also managed to catch hold of Mark Christopher Lawrence at SDCC and he took some time to answer some questions as well.

Sasha Roiz - actor ("Caprica", "Warehouse 13", "Grimm")

I love South East Asia and have been on a couple of occasions. Can't wait to visit Singapore soon. It's definitely on my travel list.

Sci-fi fans will find handsome Sasha a familiar and unforgettable face because he has appeared recently on quite a few TV series!

Sasha Roiz will be appearing as a regular in a new NBC series called "Grimm" coming soon this fall. Check out his recent interview with the Red Dot Diva here!

STGCC is only 3 days away!

Admittedly, the local convention is not as glitzy as those overseas but despite what one feels about the guest list, come visit the convention and you might be surprised with what you might find or like!

Down-to-earth and talented local/ regional artists and creators would love to have your support too! And it is always fun to get to know more like-minded geeky friends to tide those boring almost never-ending work weeks.

Red Dot Diva hopes to see you there!

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