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Sasha Roiz - Into The Land Of "Grimm" Fairy Tales

Red Dot Diva still thinks it is a pity that Syfy's "Battlestar Galactica" spin-off drama "Caprica" did not have the chance to go on for another season.

True, the short-lived series wasn't a full-on deep-in-space scifi show like the reimagined "Battlestar Galactica" with dogfights or had several buff characters who were easy to love. And admittedly, "Caprica"- which was set 58 years before the "Battlestar Galactica" timeline - was slow in its storytelling.

But Red Dot Diva stands by her opinion, that many of the characters in "Caprica" were complex and layered (especially Daniel Graystone), and the series actually offered many intelligent, mind-provoking questions about life and what it means. The production values for the series were mind-blowing, and despite its flaws, "Caprica" was actually a solid prequel to what was to happen later in the cherished BSG series.

One of the breakout actors in "Caprica" whom most fans could not help noticing was the tall, exotic-ly handsome Sasha Roiz. His appearance on screen as the Taurean homosexual mobster, Sam Adama, was an unforgettable package of slinky tattooed fierceness.

Sasha has also appeared in various guest roles on several popular TV shows - "House M.D.", "Castle", "CSI", "The Mentalist" - and he recently turned up as an episode's surprise reveal in Syfy's series, "Warehouse 13"

Sasha Roiz as Captain Renard in "Grimm"
For those who cannot wait for more Sasha, Red Dot Diva says he will be appearing as a regular in "Grimm", NBC's new spooky-fantasy-detective mash-up series.

In "Grimm", Sasha takes on the role of Captain Renard - who seems to be a rather shady, sly fox of a detective. In fact, Sasha is busy filming the series right now together with fellow cast mates David Guintoli, Bitsie Tulloch, Russell Hornsby, Silas Weir Mitchell and Reggie Lee.

So, it was really fortunate that Red Dot Diva was squee-fully able get hold of a very busy Sasha for a quick Q&A session:

Red Dot Diva: When was the first "aha" moment when you realized you were going into acting full time?
Sasha: When I realized I can pay my bills and not need to have a part time job to subsidize my acting. That gave me the conviction I needed, that this could be a legitimate career choice.

Red Dot Diva: How did you get the acting role in "Grimm"?
Sasha: I originally auditioned for the role of the Blutbad (Werewolf). Weeks later, they called me back in for the role of Captain Renard, a character that they wanted to expand to a series regular. I felt an instant connection with the role and the producers. I think we all sensed it was a good fit.

Red Dot Diva: What was it about the role that attracted you to it?
Sasha: The producing team of both Sean Hayes and Todd Milner, coupled with David Greenwalt and Jim Kouf. A distinguished and experienced team such as those four can only lead to something good. Plus they are a sincerely gracious and supportive group. I'm very fortunate. I can't say too much about the role itself, but it's going to be 'juicy'.

Red Dot Diva: Is it difficult to keep a straight face when it strikes you that you are 'acting' with fairy tale characters?
Sasha: Not really. Being an actor requires you to live within imaginary circumstances. For an actor, a scene taking place in a "realistic" environment, is just as fictitious as one dealing in fairy tales. We have to believe the given circumstances of the script no matter what they may be.

Red Dot Diva: Were any of your cast-mates in "Grimm" actual Battlestar Galactica fans?
Sasha: Not that I know of.

Red Dot Diva: After "Caprica" was cancelled, was there actually something you were glad that you needn't have to go through every day during filming?
Sasha: I don't miss the tattooing process each morning. But I miss the show and the wonderful friends and team that I had the pleasure to work with.

Red Dot Diva: And what was the most heartfelt moments you took back with you after the "Caprica" experience?
Sasha: The people were what made that experience so special for me. I adored my cast mates, many of whom have remained dear friends. I had a chance to work with some of the finest writers and producers in the industry and contribute to a show that I was very proud of. It's an experience I will always treasure.

Red Dot Diva: To-date, you have played many different characters (and I have to say, we enjoyed those various roles tremendously). Which one has been the most personally unique to you and which one has been the most unforgettable?
Sasha: Sam Adama will always hold a special place in my heart. I felt that the writers understood me well, and helped me in creating a very layered and complex character. I was also very proud to represent the gay community through a unique gay character. They were very supportive of my work and it felt truly rewarding. I'm also very excited for my upcoming role in "Grimm", Captain Renard will prove to be quite memorable.

Red Dot Diva: Do you prefer playing villains or heroes?
Sasha: Seems like I end up the villain quite often, but I don't mind. I don't really have a preference, as long as the writing is good and there is something interesting for me to portray.

Red Dot Diva: You seem to be involved in quite a few shows related to the scifi genre, with a surprise guest role now in "Warehouse 13". Is it because some of the writers from that genre simply love you? Or vice versa?
Sasha: I've been very fortunate to have made friends and maintained good relationships within the scifi world. "Caprica" was obviously a springboard for that. And the Syfy network as well as NBC have continued to be supportive of me. I think once you enter the scifi genre, it seems that the fans want to keep seeing you and supporting you, and that is a very rewarding feeling and I'm very grateful for it.
The cast of Grimm at the NBC Upfronts 2011

Red Dot Diva: This isn't the first time you've been to SDCC. Were you interested in pop-culture conventions before you were involved in acting full-time?
Sasha: This is my second visit to Comic Con. No, I was never really interested in conventions prior to acting. But now I'm sold. I hope to continue to make appearances at various cons. I enjoy meeting the fans very much.

Red Dot Diva: Did you geek out over anyone while you were at SDCC this year?
Sasha: We were there so briefly that I didn't get a chance to meet too many people. Had a quick drink with Joel Mchale, which was a treat.

Red Dot Diva: So what will you do when you actually see a unicorn?
Sasha: Wet myself. Then hunt it down and sell it for parts in the Unicorn black market.
(Red Dot Diva: Eeep. Calling All Unicorns! Go HIDE!!)

Red Dot Diva: Tell us what is/are your guilty pleasure(s).
Sasha: Jeopardy, air guitaring, karaoke.

Red Dot Diva: We really wish you could join us for this year’s Singapore Toys, Games and Comic Con (STGCC) this August. At last year's STGCC, an Adama, Edward James Olmos made a surprise visit! Could you send a little message for “Battlestar Galactica” fans here on our tiny island?
Sasha: I love South East Asia and have been on a couple of occasions. Can't wait to visit Singapore soon. It's definitely on my travel list.


Thanks to Sasha for taking the time with Red Dot Diva!

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See how Sasha loves his fans! (Video from NBC)

"Grimm" will premiere on NBC, Friday, 21 October 2011 right after the Season 5 premiere of "Chuck"!

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Also, do visit the official "Grimm" website, or follow on Facebook or on Twitter!

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