Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Harvey Tolibao and Stephen Segovia Contributes To GnB Comics' Charity Auction

Even though it has been several months since the devastating earthquake and tsunami hit Japan earlier this year, Red Dot Diva reminds everyone there is still more to be done for the people who are in need there.

GnB comics, a main local stronghold of Western comics geek-culture, held a charity drive previously with 50% of sales proceeds going as donations to the Red Cross. (Read the earlier blog article here.)

They are continuing the charitable efforts with help from Marvel comic artists Harvey Tolibao and Stephen Segovia, who have both generously donated their original artworks for a special auction.

Harvey has decided to donate his intriguing version of Green Lantern and Stephen has offered his cover to the variant of Vampirella issue #5.

"We can’t fly, or bend steel, see thru walls or have rings that can do almost anything, but what we can do is try," says GnB Comics

GnB Comics is accepting bids for these 2 art-pieces via email to Please include one's name and contact details as well as the piece of artwork that one is bidding for. The auction ends on 17th August 2011.

All proceeds will be going to the Japanese Red Cross Society.

Again, Red Dot Diva stresses that these items are not just prints but are original works of art by the two artists. Definitely a great addition to any serious comic fan's collection.

Daily updates will be posted on GnB's Facebook page so one can check on how high the current bids are.

Is anyone bidding yet?

PS: Both Harvey Tolibao and Stephen Segovia will be appearing at the Singapore Toy, Games and Comic Convention this August 20-21! Don't miss the chance to meet and say hello to them! 

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