Thursday, August 11, 2011

Diva's Choice Targets At STGCC 2011

Different folks have different strokes.

And Red Dot Diva knows it is simply not possible to please everybody.

Hence, Red Dot Diva credits the organizers and exhibitors of STGCC for making a valiant attempt to offer a range of "hot specials" for the mixed bunch of local and regional fans who will be attending the convention next weekend.

Red Dot Diva will be stirring up her own of recipe of desirable strokes during STGCC weekend. Here's a list of what she will be aiming for (in no particular order):

#1. Hot Toys' Limited Edition Collectible Figurines
Gotta admit, it was the very-nommy-RDJ-realistic mug of Iron Man 2: Mark IV Limited Edition Collectible Figurine that made her weak at the knees. Just look at that face! There are even those super-cool sunglasses!!

Red Dot Diva would not be able to afford buying one as they cost SGD 299.90 each. - Sigh - But since the possibility that she will be able to perv RDJ in person is very low, she is very eager to ogle at this particular item on display at Hot Toys' dedicated booth.

Hot Toys' will also be offering Batman Begins: Batman (Batsuit Begins) and Predator 2: Shadow Predator Limited Edition Collectible Figurines during the convention.There are only 500 pieces for each figurine, so hardcore collectors better go grab 'em before they are all snapped up!

Plus, they will be having other booth exhibits like the Iron Man CollARTible Expo, consisting of 9 specially-customised Iron Man artist projects designed by Japanese artists - which would again, be of specific interest to Red Dot Diva.

#2. DC's First Ever Dedicated Booth in Asia
It is about time that DC has their own dedicated booth here at STGCC. Red Dot Diva is curious to know what their booth would actually look like. Furthermore, it would be mandatory to watch them pop their Asian convention booth cherry this year.

To celebrate this event, DC is offering a special Flashpoint #1 Wraparound Variant Cover by Andy Kubert, Sandra Hope and Alex Sinclair. This limited edition comic was exclusively available at SDCC and will now be available at STGCC.

And having talented Indonesia-based DC artist Ardian Syaf there would be another reason to visit the booth!

#3. Comics Legend Paul Levitz
How often does a comics industry legend visit our tiny Red Dot Island?

Simply because this is such a rare event, Red Dot Diva is very eager to meet DC Comics luminary and recent Eisner Award winner, Paul Levitz.

Paul has written most of DC's classic characters ranging from Superman to Batman to the Justice League.

And even if she *gasp* inadvertently misses the chance to meet Paul, she hopes to attend his panels during the convention. With such a long history in the comics industry, she can imagine the interesting stories and wisdom he would be imparting to the fledgling local creators and fans.

#4. Andrew Bell's Designer Genius
Red Dot Diva can proudly draw a stick figure as best as a three-year-old. However, what she lacks in drawing talent, she makes up with an overly imaginative, and often perverse mind.

She finds Andrew Bell's mind-boggling creativity and quirky-weird imagery comfortably in sync with her artistic neurons. Actually, she might be stalking his booth #G26 just to soak up his designer genius.

Well known for his Android collectibles made for Google, Andrew recently won the Designer Toys Awards (DTA) Awards for "Fan Favourite" at this year's SDCC. And he will be bringing some of his exclusive designer toys to the convention. How can one say no to "O-No Sashimi"? This oishi collectible is priced at SGD 50 and limited to only 150pcs.

ARGH. Red Dot Diva is tempted. Very Tempted.

#5. Harvey Tolibao's Sketchbook "Viscosity"
Fans of comic artist Harvey Tolibao should already know that he will be launching his first sketch book called "Viscosity" at STGCC.

The sketch book is sized 5.5 x 8.5 and comes in full colour with a 16.5 x 8.5 fivefold spread cover. And is expected to be filled with never-been-seen artwork by Harvey!

Only 500 copies is made available so it may be a good idea to pre-order the book right now! Click here for more information on how to pre-order.

Red Dot Diva already has her lucky number and she will be meeting Harvey at STGCC (again!) so that she can have her grabby hands on that sketch book!

#6. Kipi and Cosplayers
Judging by the pretty suggestive pics that STGCC guest Kipi has on her blog, Red Dot Diva is not the least surprised that the international cosplayer is so wildly popular.

Kipi will definitely be adding a lot of colour to the exhibition hall. So what else could be more amusing that weekend than gawking at otakus gawking at Kipi?

Red Dot Diva is sure that there will be the usual group of cosplayers this year strutting their stuff inside and outside the convention area. And she will be trying to take more pics of them this year.

There is also this rumour floating around about someone probably going to STGCC cosplaying as mutant villainess Black Queen? Is that a resounding YES from a certain local artists' quarter that Red Dot Diva hears??!

#7. The Marvel Gang
Marvel makes their inimitable presence felt once again at this year's STGCC. C.B. Cebulski, Kieron Gillen, Carlo Pagulayan, Harvey Tolibao, Mico Suayan, Stephen Segovia and the first Marvel artist from Singapore - Benjamin Ang - will all be at the convention doing signings and panels.

A limited edition STGCC variant comic featuring a Merlion cover (drawn by Harvey Tolibao) to Captain America #1 by Ed Brubaker and Steve McNiven was specially designed for the fans. Only 500 copies will be available at the Marvel booth each day, so Red Dot Diva expects this venue to be a popular spot for many comic fans.

She loves people-watching and wants to note the reactions of the fans when they meet their favourite comic creators from Marvel. Besides, she also wants to get her "stuff" signed.

#8. Indie Talents At Artists' Alley
Wandering along Artists' Alley almost always feels like stepping into an unchartered world of visual imagination. There are raw gems to be found here, and sometimes, one makes new friends while admiring the art of indie artists.

Red Dot Diva will be hanging out at the Elseworld booth #E22 as one of her friends is featured artist Mashi (aka Wendy Chew). Mashi, a chibi artist with a very unique pop-art style, will also be launching her second sketch book at the convention. Marvel guest artist Mico Suayan will be gracing his presence at the Elseworld booth too. He has his own limited edition sketchbook up for grabs!

Scoring an artist booth at the convention is another illustrator, Ziqi Wu - winner of the Art Concourse Competition. Ziqi's winning artwork (see pic above) will be featured on the cover of the STGCC 2011 Programme Guide. Next weekend, Red Dot Diva has already warned Ziqi that she will be dropping by his MonsterLittlebooth at #G35 to admire more of his adorable artwork.

Another newfound artist friend of Red Dot Diva, the versatile Kelvin Chan, has just announced that he will have a booth at STGCC too. The man behind will be showing his artwork at booth #48. Red Dot Diva says one has gotta check his art pieces. They vary from the usual comic superheroes to Star Wars to even, Harry Potter!

Last but not least, Red Dot Diva intends to visit the Giant Robots Walk The Earth booth at #G44, hosted by award-winning artist Sonny Liew. Over here, the new collection of Malinky Robot stories will be launched for comic fans to enjoy. She hopes to grab a copy!

There are just so many STGCC "hot spots" for Red Dot Diva to home in on. And while, she intends to have fun locking in on her targets, she also hopes to bring the colourful convention scoop to her readers on Twitter, or in the blog. Another reason for one to find out what she may *really* be up to next weekend.

PS: If one spots Red Dot Diva slinking around the exhibition hall (maybe wearing a "NERD" tee from Nerd Machine??), she dares you to come over and say hi! She may bite, but hey... that could end up being a memorable convention moment!

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