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Singapore Comic Con (SGCC) 2019 - Artist Alley Booth Highlight on Seth Adams of "GOTH" Comics Series

Red Dot Diva first met Seth Adams at Singapore Comic Con (previously know as STGCC) a few years ago. They had bonded as ardent fans of mixed-media and award-winning artist, David Mack.

Seth has been a regular participant of Artist Alley for a number of years, and from what Red Dot Diva noticed, requests for art commissions has always kept him busy during the convention. He has also been constantly practising and improving on this artistic skills. Recently, his pencil work shines with bold confidence, and a very personal art style is emerging more clearly. 

It is no wonder then, that Seth was asked to illustrate for a new comic book series called GOTH, published by Comics Experience and South Point Press. The first one-short comic was released just over a week ago on 27 November 2019.

Red Dot Diva managed to catch Seth Adams to find out more about his experience with his first published comic book!

Red Dot Diva: How exciting is it to have your first published book GOTH: YOUNG LOVERS AT WAR being released? Tell us more about it!
Seth Adams: It’s nice to get something into the world! As described by Previews, Goth is "the first in an exciting, genre-bending series of Goth one-shots from critically-acclaimed writer Paul Allor and exciting newcomer Seth Adams! When a young Visigoth warrior named Dolphus finds himself spurned by his lover, Gerda, he throws himself into battle, seeking an honorable death that never seems to come. As desperation takes hold, Gerda works to save him... preferably in the most painful way possible. It's the third-century CE, and love... love will tear them apart." That sums it up pretty well. :) 

Red Dot Diva: How did you get to collaborate with Paul Allor? How has the experience been like?
Seth: I had just finished an online workshop class with Robert Atkins over at Comics Experience and I was on the forums posting my work. I’m not sure if Paul already had the idea brewing, but he contacted me there on Comics Experience and asked if I would be interested in collaborating. He was immensely patient and kind guiding me through the process while still giving me alot of room to explore.

Red Dot Diva: GOTH is quite unique in the sense that it takes us way back in time to third century CE. How do you come up with the appropriate aesthetic for the comic? Did you do a lot of research on that era?
Seth: For the Visigoths there was a lot of internet research. From old paintings and archives all the way to battle recreations. All of the helmets and weapon designs were taken from that time period. Even though this isn’t a historical document, those elements were important to me. I watched and now am a fan of The Last Kingdom, which influenced some of my design choices for characters. The locations and time-period were very helpful in designing the backgrounds and living quarters.

Red Dot Diva: Josh Jensen does the colours on your artwork for the comic. Was there a lot of discussions on what the final look and tone will be like?
Seth: Josh is the MAN. I initially planned on colouring the book myself. This a great time to give a reminder this is my first book. I coloured the first couple pages, and as I moved into the book Andy Schmidt and Paul VERY wisely suggested that it was starting to get muddy and pull focus from the storytelling. They were familiar with Josh’s work and he did some samples. There is a page in there I hadn’t quite figured out how I was going to colour and when I saw what Josh had done with it and how much better he made my art I was blown away. After that it was just what I assume is the regular back and forth of notes and specific ideas while he made me look much better than I am.

Red Dot Diva: Your art journey has taken you awhile to get here (i.e. having a book published!). What are the important things you've learned about drawing in general, and about honing your own art style?
Seth: It sounds simple but it’s just doing it. Repetition and study. I recently unearthed some of my stuff from the 90s when I was trying to break-in. I might actually have some of it for sale at SGCC. It’s way different from where my art is and where I would like to see it go, but it’s a fun difference. The 20 year break from drawing wasn’t the best choice in hindsight, but I feel like I am getting into a good place!

Red Dot Diva: Are you a Goth at heart?
Seth: Ah, in high school I was a bit more of a Metal and Grunge kid, with a closeted Hip-Hop obsession. I of course had massive un-requited crushes on the Goth-girls. Who didn’t? Eye-Liner and Nail Polish have been in and out of my life at various times, but I look less Nick Cave and more bass-player in a Nu-Metal band when I don that stuff, so perhaps it was ill-advised.

Red Dot Diva: This isn't the first time you are boothing at Artist Alley. Will things be different at your booth this time round?
Seth: I would imagine it will be similar to the past. Hopefully it’s head down working on commissions so I can break even on the booth!

Red Dot Diva: Are there any other projects are on your plate that you can share with us?
Seth: The second Issue of Goth is in production, hopefully out sometime next year. I would like to get some version of XZA out as well. It’s nice when it’s sent out into the wild and you can work on the next thing!

This weekend, do visit Seth Adams at Artist Alley Booth TS42, and check out his powerful, moody and sometimes visceral drawings. He has exclusive art prints from GOTH: YOUNG LOVERS AT WAR, and may also have commissions slots available!



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