Thursday, December 5, 2019

Coca-Cola Singapore Launches Galactic Hunt for Star Wars Lighted Bottles

The most OMG!! Wow! announcement from today's Singapore Comic Con (SGCC) media preview was the launch of Coca-Cola Singapore's specially designed STAR WARS: THE RISE OF SKYWALKER lighted bottles, as part of their “Full Force No Sugar Campaign”.

Soon after Red Dot Diva posted a video of the bottles on Instagram, she received queries on how Star Wars fans can get their grabby hands on this unique collectible item.

First, some quick facts about the promotional merchandise.

* These are the world's first lighted STAR WARS: THE RISE OF SKYWALKER Coca-Cola No Sugar bottles.
* There are limited editions - only 8,000 up for grabs.
* These are only available in Red Dot Island!
* There are two bottle designs - one Rey design with a lightsaber that lights up in blue, and the other for Kylo Ren, with a lightsaber that lights up in red.

So, how can you nab these bottles for your own collection? Well, the bottles will be hidden in 45 locations around Red Dot Island from 6 to 22 December, and fans will have to hunt them down as fervently as a bounty hunter from a galaxy far far away.

To get your bottles, here are your First Order instructions. Read them carefully. Commit them to memory.

1. The Galactic hunt takes place over 3 weekends - 6 to 8 December (that is during SGCC!), 13 to 15 December, and 20 to 22 December.

2. At 10 PM, on the night before each activation day, five riddles will be released through Coca-Cola Singapore's Facebook and Instagram, and the official campaign website.

3. Fans have to solve these riddles. The answer will lead them to the location of a gatekeeper, who will hand them a special pass. The passes are redeemable from the gatekeeper from 12 PM to 8 PM each day.

4. Using this special pass, fans will be allowed to purchase a lighted bottle at the nearest 7-Eleven outlet. It will be at the price of a regular Coca-Cola No Sugar 500ml bottle.

5. The purchase of the Coca-Cola No Sugar bottle from 7-Eleven will have to be done by 9 PM on the same day.

We are excited to be launching the world's first lighted STAR WARS: THE RISE OF SKYWALKER Coca-Cola No Sugar bottles here in Singapore. We know how special the iconic lightsaber is to the Star Wars universe and its fans, so we wanted to bring this to life and deliver a one-of-a-kind experience through innovative packaging and a fun activation for consumers. We wish them all good luck hunting and may the Force be with you!” said Lim Kean Yew, integrated Marketing Communications Director for Coca-Cola Singapore.

During the promotional campaign, fans can also win other Star Wars-themed merchandise - like drawstring bags, lunch bags, rolltop backpacks and Royal Selangor R2-D2 canisters. They can participate in the “Full Force No Sugar Campaign” by purchasing a regular Coca-Cola No Sugar 500ml bottle from any 7-Eleven store, and submit their proof of purchase at this link:

How exciting is that?!

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