Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Singapore Comic Con (SGCC) 2019 Announces Greg Capullo, Jock and Tara McPherson as Guests, But No More VIP Tickets!

New name, new branding, new dates. ReedPOP Singapore has decided to shake things up in the local pop culture scene this year, having shifted the rebranded Singapore Comic Con (SGCC) to 7 & 8 December, instead of its usual spot in September. The pop-culture convention has also moved back up to the first level of Marina Bay Sands' Convention Centre.

Those are not the only things that ReedPop has decided to change for this year's show  - there will not be any VIP tickets available for sale for Singapore Comic Con. Fans who were looking forward to the VIP package, which included fast passes and exclusive loot, were rather disappointed. As in most of life's decisions, there are pros and cons to deciding on any option, and in Red Dot Diva's opinion, for most attendees, the VIP package has not offered a far better experience than a normal ticket anyway. However, there are early entry add-ons for those who want to head into the show hall 30 minutes earlier than the official opening time.

Here is SGCC's response regarding the VIP tickets:

Eager to ramp up excitement for the comic convention, the first batch of guests was announced a few days ago, and Wow!! -- they all meet the local geeks' stamp of approval! The list includes Greg Capullo, Mark Simpson aka Jock, and Tara McPherson.


Highly acclaimed comic book artist Greg Capullo, who is well known for his DC Comics projects relating to BATMAN and Image Comic's SPAWN, a character created by Todd McFarlane. Besides comics, Greg Capullo has also worked on HBO's animated series SPAWN as well as album art for bands like Disturbed and Korn.

Greg Capullo is currently working with writer Scott Snyder on BATMAN: LAST KNIGHT ON EARTH, a three-part series to be released on DC Comics' Black Label. Issue #1 of the trippy, post-apocalyptic tale was released in May 2019, and #2 is set to launch at the end of July 2019.

With Greg Capullo announced as guest for SGCC 2019, do we dare to hope for Scott Snyder to team-up for the convention too?


Another artist who will be meeting fans at SGCC 2019 is British artist Mark Simpson aka Jock. The three-time New York Times best seller started out working on the cult British comic 2000 AD that encompasses the JUDGE DREDD universe.

Later on, he collaborated with writer Andy Diggle on Vertigo's THE LOSERS. The adventures about a group of special ops members betrayed by their handler was immensely popular with fans. The comic book was later adapted to a movie starring Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Zoe Saldana, Chris Evans and Idris Elba.

In addition to his comic book duties, Jock has created concept art for movies, including JUDGE DREDD, EX MACHINA, ANNIHILATION, and STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI.

Red Dot Diva is mesmerised by Jock's beautifully-chaotic, distorted artistic style. His use of white spaces and layers of imagery into his drawing brings one's inner psyche to another level as you try to absorb the visual ideas he is portraying. This is one guest she will majorly be "stalking" at SGCC, and super-ready to throw money at.


The third guest announced in this round is not a stranger to Red Dot Island. Fine artist Tara McPherson was here many years ago for a Cotton Candy Machine pop-up store opening in 2012.

Tara McPherson's distinctive and surrealistic art style is a mixture of sweet and creepy. Her art has been realised in all kinds of medium - poster art, wall murals, editorial illustrations and even, designer toys. In the designer toy arena, Tara McPherson is a leading female designer and has worked with companies like Kidrobot, Dark Horse, and Toy2R. You can also spot her art featured in the Oscar Award-winning coming of age movie, JUNO.


Don't miss out on the biggest, non-anime focused pop culture event of the year! Get your tickets online now.

The price for 1-day adult tickets is SGD 21, while the 2-day adult tickets is SGD 35. There also a range of different packs available for couples, family and youths, so you can gather your companions and friends to attend and enjoy the convention together. Click here to check out the list of ticket prices.

You can also purchase your exclusive merchandise together with the tickets. Red Dot Diva thinks those SGCC 2019 t-shirts by Peach Momoko, Tara McPherson and Muffinsaurs look pretty eye-catching.

This round of reveals is giving Red Dot Diva good vibes about the other guests that might be attending the show.

What do you think? Do you think there are more exciting surprises in store for us this year?



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