Saturday, March 30, 2019

Rebranded Singapore Comic Con (SGCC) Shifts Dates to 7 & 8 Dec 2019!

The signs were already there during last year's Singapore Toy, Game and Comic Convention (STGCC). Remember the huge signage made out of post-its with the new name, near the food court? It was a hint of what's to come concerning the rebranding of Red Dot Island's main pop-culture show.

Since then, there has been a fair amount of hearsay with bits of information flowing through from exhibitors and those who signed up for booths at this year's Artist Alley. However, for most local fans, things have been kept on the low-down... Until last night. 

At an exclusive fan party held at retro gaming bar NINETEEN80, ReedPOP Singapore made three important official announcements to a group of about 25 specially invited fans. 

#1 - STGCC Has Been Rebranded as Singapore Comic Con (SGCC)
The event's lengthy name - Singapore Toy, Game and Comic Convention - has always been a tongue twister. Red Dot Diva noticed that guests usually fumble when they need to mention the show's name at a promotional video or during interviews. Many local folks (especially those who are not so hardcore) sometimes call it Singapore Comic Con for short.

Also, the new name is more in line with all the other pop-culture conventions that ReedPOP organises internationally, like New York Comic Con, Oz Comic Con, Seoul Comic Con and Indonesia Comic Con. ReedPOP assures that other segments like toys, will still have their presence at the show even though it is not mentioned specifically in rebranding.

The show's acronym/ hashtag itself though, is rather unfortunate. It is a running joke that SGCC stands for Serangoon Gardens Country Club, so... will there be a pop-culture mini golf competition at the show? Red Dot Diva thinks that will be quite a fun and novel idea. Hahaha.

Apparently, SGCC was chosen over SCC in order not to cause confusion for those who associate the latter's acronym with Singapore Comics Community.

#2 - SGCC Returns to 1st Floor of Sands Convention Centre
Finally, after 3 years of languishing in the basement dungeons of Sands Convention Centre, the pop-culture show will return to its original premium location on the 1st floor! HOORAY!

Yes, to more logistical convenience to attendees, cosplayers and exhibitors! Yes to more sunlight at the foyer! Plus, having the show on ground level enhances its visibility, which gets everyone into a fun, festive mood from the start.

#3 - SGCC Will Now Be Held on 7 & 8 Dec 2019
The last piece of news was the kicker. Instead of its usual calendar slot in September, Singapore Comic Con has moved to 7 & 8 December!

Red Dot Diva is not sure if this is a great idea as most will be away on holiday, or have their finances tied up in Christmas/ year-end gifts and parties. On a more positive note, maybe that works for some, and people can do their shopping at SGCC?

ReedPOP Singapore said that having the show run alongside two of their industry events - Screen Singapore and Asia TV Forum - may create some synergies as they are all related to media and entertainment. The high profile Singapore International Film Festival (SGIFF) is also held around the same time. Well-known celebrities attended these events in previous years, with movies having their Asian or worldwide premieres during SGIFF. Last year, Joan Chen and Daniel Dae Kim were guests of the festival.

Do you think fans and attendees of SGCC might finally have a celebrity or two attend the show as guests? What about special screenings?
We can all dream! 

So, big changes seem to be in store with the rebranding of STGCC to SGCC.

Let us hope that this is not just a mere name change, and that ReedPop Singapore will level up the pop-culture show with many more exciting guests, and a more varied scope of content. It is the only one we have on our Island, and it is only natural that the local fans want it to be the best that it can ever be!

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