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STGCC 2015: Media Preview with Adam Hughes, Huck Gee and Stella Chuu at the Flashy New DC Superheroes Cafe!

To be honest, Red Dot Diva wanted to type in "Spanking New" in this article's header, but she did not want no DC Superheroes suddenly crashing into her room and delivering the necessary punishment.

Although....... if it were Batman bringing her some Batman sliders... Hmmmmmm.... *wriggles eyebrows*

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The newly launched DC Super Heroes Cafe at Marina Bay Sands was the venue of yesterday's Media Preview for the pop-culture show of the year, the Singapore Toy Game and Comic Convention (STGCC). STGCC will be held from 12 to 13 September, at Marina Bay Sands convention centre.

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The place, which was next to its sister DC Super Heros retail store, looked colourful and fun, with images of Superman, Wonder-Woman, Batman, The Flash and Green Lantern painted on the ceilings, a large statue of Superman standing guard, and precious DC collectibles dotting the entire area. Also, the chairs' fabric looked like this:

(Red Dot Diva *whispers conspiratorially* actually ....... it would be badder and more fun to have a DC Super Villains Nightclub, right? heh heh heh)

Several of the STGCC exclusives were laid out on display. Amongst them were these fabulous items:

- Jiang Shi Be@rbrick from Action City

- Uber-cute Pixar "Inside Out" Tsum-tsum from Rapid Culture

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- everybody's (and scalpers') favourite very hot Hot Toys 1/6 scale figurine exclusives from Action City. Here's three of them - Avengers: Age Of Ultron Maria Hill, Star Wars: The Force Awakens - First Order Stormtrooper Squad Leader, and the Iron Man Mark III (Stealth Mode Version)

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- the *kapoom* Friendly Fire by STGCC guest Jason Freeny

- the lovely pearly-luminescent items by Instinctoy

- hilarious "Civil Wok" art print by Tanky, available at Outrageous Studios Booth AA33:

- nifty bags and pouches by Upixel:

The special guests arrived early for the Media Preview, and C.B. Cebulski was also here! (Insert Warm Hugs!) While they were briefed by Reed and the PR folks, the media folks were still arriving and settling into the rather comfy chairs.

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Finally, a petite female host introduced everyone to what's in store for the weekend. It's too bad the hosts pronunciation and commentary were not clear not interesting during the preview. So, here's a Red Dot Diva-ish summary:

- in its 8th edition, this is the biggest show with over 180 Artist Alley participants and 240 exhibitors. PHWOAR!
- it also ties in with our Red Dot Island's 50th birthday year, so there are a few locally-based artists like Keh Choon Wee, Keatopia and Ziqi (Monster Little) with specially-designed #SG50 munnies available for a silent auction held on 12 September!  Proceeds from the auction will benefit the charity Club Rainbow.
- Mamma mia! Cute-Bicepstuous creator Simone Legno of tokidoki will be launching his Unicoro Series 4 at STGCC. 
- there will be an inaugural STGCC Championships of Cosplay with international cosplayers like Stella Chuu and Tadaaki "Jacky" Dosai as judges. Red Dot Diva knows a few people who will be joining in the contest, so... JIA YOU!!!
- the first-ever "Women in Comics" panel will kick-off with guests Camilla D'errico and Agnes Garbowska. This has been a looooooong time coming!
- Pianist (TamMusic) and Violinist (Aminez) will be performing together on stage for the first time!
- plus all the fantastic guests like Adam Hughes, Jim Cheung, Shigetao Koyama, Huck Gee, Jason Freeny, that are making comic book, anime/ manga and toy collecting fans squee.

Then, it was time for a short Q&A with the special guests Adam Hughes, Huck Gee and Stella Chuu.

They were all in good spirts and were very happy to be in Red Dot Island and able to finally meet the fans who will be attending STGCC this weekend.

Adam Hughes is a really funny guy. He joked about hoping to see the sun while he's here. (Red Dot Diva says Go away, Bad Haze! Adam needs to see the sun, you hear!)  He also gave a funny answer to the question as to what he would have been if he wasn't a popular comic book artist. He said he would have been a hobo. Hahaha!

He then gave a swoon-worthy live demonstration of drawing and finishing up a fan's commission of Mary Jane, while his wife Allison Sohn gave the commentary. Check out the video here:

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Next was toy designer Huck Gee's turn for the Q&A. He stressed that he is a tactile paper and pencil kind of guy. (That sounds sexy.) Out of all the designs, he also identifies most with Skull Head, and he has a tattoo of that on the side of his neck. (Also, very sexy.)

Huck Gee also revealed that he actually sourced for an American company to produce his new "The Blank" figurine. In this way, he cut down waiting time and costs compared to having them produced and shipped from China.

Here's Huck Gee with his "The Blank" which also has a cute butt, but Diva forgot to take a pic of that!

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Last to take on the hot seat (literally.. hot, very hot), is the Anime Princess of Burlesque, popular cosplayer, Stella Chuu!

Stella was dressed as Tharja from The Fire Emblem, which she specially made to cosplay while she was here for STGCC. The material used to make the majestic looking cape was made of faux velvet and it was very hot to wear in the humid Red Dot Island weather.

She also mentioned that she have been waiting for a long time to meet up with fans and friends in this region and extremely grateful that through cosplay, she is able to travel the world to do that.

And of course, all three of them had to join in for a super-sexy pose.

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Red Dot Diva thought both Adam Hughes and Huck Gee were like giant cuddly teddy bears! Seriously!

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And Stella Chuu was girlier than she expected, but is such a total sweetheart.

It sure looks like you all will be in for such much geeky fun at STGCC this weekend.

Don't miss going to the convention!


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