Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Download the Retro-style Official Game and Get Ready for Gamestart Asia 2015!

Go download the retro pixel-art style official mobile phone game for Gamestart Asia 2015. It's available on both iTunes and Google Play, and it's FREE! (Yes, FREE with no in-app purchases necessary!)

The game, which features Gamestart mascot Alyse, all battle ready in her Version 2 gear, kicking ass battling obstacles and unlocking other playable characters who have have their own unique powers. This specially created game was done by the Gamestart Asia organizer Eliphant, in collaboration with Seow ‘Sonic’ Zong Hui, a developer of Street Fighter vs MegaMan.

Check out the introductory game preview video here:

Look out for cameos of characters from games by Witching Hour Studios and Daylight Studio in the game, as you negotiate the different game levels. Red Dot Diva thinks it's a fun yet challenging way to gear up for the upcoming Gamestart Asia 2015, especially with additional game content being released intermittently till the show dates, and there will be a special level to be revealed at the event itself.

Last week, the SG50 Level was released to players as a celebration for Red Dot Island's Jubilee Year. There will be 5 mobile games within the game that help players know more about Red Dot Island's history and culture. The mobile games are

- KAN-CHEONG! Kopitiam Saga by Mojocat
- Rickshaw Rush by Mojo Forest
- Building the Lion by Swag Soft
- My Singapore City by Ixora Studios
- Satay Club by Afzainizam Zahari

Gamers will also get to play as Singa the Lion (the mascot for Singapore Kindness Movement), in this level. Killing enemies with kindness by shooting heart arrows.... Now that's a way to go!

In another separate update called The Mad Catz Level was launched at the recent Tokyo Game Show. The community manager for Mad Catz, Mark "Markman" Julio, is the new playable character in this level, and he beats the enemies by throwing joysticks (ouch!) and sneakers. Currently, the update is available on Android. iPhone users have to be a little patient and wait a week or so for the same update.

Over 12,000 gaming fans from South-East Asia attended the inaugural Gamestart Asia convention last year, proving that there is a lucrative niche market for gamers who have been craving for such a event to be held in the region.

It was a pity that Red Dot Diva was overseas travelling at that time and was unable to attend the show, but she is all ready to make up for this in November 2015. To find out how to get through the event as a noob, read the articles by Glam Alliance Blogger, Ed from toys-etc.

With the overwhelming success, the organizers will be returning with an even bigger edition of Gamestart Asia 2015 held on 13 – 15 November, with an expanded floor space consisting of two halls at the Suntec Convention Centre. The convention will also span over three days instead of two. In addition, 13 November will be set aside for industry professionals to network with each other on a B2B session as well as trade conference called "Gaming in Asia – Insights and Trends".

Pic from Gamestart - 2014 Cosplay guests Yuegene Fay & Yasemin Aslan

Last year's show had big names from the gaming industry like Playstation, BANDAI Namco, 2K, and Blizzard, exhibiting their wares to the crowd. The indies were not left out either, and smaller studios IMBA Interactive, Inzen Studio and many others made their presence felt in Gamestart Asia 2014. There were also appearances by international game producers like Ono Yoshinori (Street Fighter) and Junichi Yoshizawa (Freedom Wars), and famous cosplayers like Yuegene Fay and Yasemin Arslan.

This year's event continues to host the Capcom Pro Tour Asia Finals, with Streetfighter winners from Asia poised to compete for a qualifying spot in the global tournament. Also making its return is the Game On! Cosplay Competition.

If you love games and meeting gaming personalities, what are you waiting for? Tickets for Gamestart Asia 2015 are currently on sale.

Click to this link here for all the different ticket prices and bundles, with Early Bird tickets still available for grabs till 30 September. Special tickets priced at SGD 5 are also given to cosplayers who dress up as recognizable characters from anime, comics, manga, games and movies, so there's very little excuse to put on your favourite costume for the show.

Meanwhile, look out for more news, like gaming or cosplay guests, by following the various Gamestart Asia social media network links:

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