Wednesday, September 9, 2015

STGCC 2015: Adam Hughes Arrives in Singapore! Others Are On Their Way

Master and super-popular artist Adam Hughes was announced as a guest for this year's STGCC a few months back, and comic book fans here have been patiently waiting for the convention weekend to arrive.

The two-day convention will kick off this Saturday 12 September, and earlier today, Adam Hughes and his wife Allison Sohn have finally arrived in Red Dot Island after a super long 20-hour flight from the U.S.A!

The first tweet upon the couple's touchdown was this:

They must have heard about the traditional pre-convention guest dinner, which consists of dishes of local yummies, including the "must-have" chilli crab!

Later on, based on the goss on Facebook, a lucky fan got to bump into Adam at Simply Toys at Bugis. Hmmm... Red Dot Diva wonders what did he buy there?

It is too bad that there has been a haze enveloping our island due to the forest fires in Indonesia, but that did not stop Adam and Allison from being able to take a walk around Gardens by the Bay.

And the gigantic supertrees there sure made a Force-ful impression!

Now, this is the first time Red Dot Diva has seen those structures referred to as such! :D

Other guests have also tweeted that they were on their way to Red Dot Island for STGCC.

Stella Chuu mentioned that she was going to be a 2-hour layover at Narita, Tokyo yesterday. 

About the same time, toy designer Huck Gee had arrived in Hong Kong International Airport!

A photo posted by Huck Gee (@huckgee) on

Red Dot Diva thinks that both Stella and Huck Gee should have arrived and all tucked into their hotel beds by now !

Finally, C.B. Cebulski also announced that he was boarding onto his 21-hour SQ flight here some 16 hours ago! WHEEE! Red Dot Diva can't wait to see him again! Miss him lots! Will there be more Red Dot Island food adventures with him?

The STGCC Media Preview kicks off with some very special guests at the DC Superheroes Cafe tomorrow morning at 11 AM. (You can probably guess who the guests are!)

The Glam Bloggers Alliance will be on site for the preview!
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