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STGCC 2015: Gilamon Studio's Lefty Will Be Swinging By With Some Very Limited Edition Art Goodies!

STGCC has become a bonding time between many of the region's artists and fans, especially if they only get to see each other once a year or so!

It's also Red Dot Diva's opportunity to be able to catch up with Lefty from Gilamon Studio again. She has always liked his art style, and she has to blame him for always tempting her with his art goodies. Bad, Lefty! Very bad! ;)

If you have been to Penang's Georgetown in the last few years, you would have noticed that there are notable street art located in several places. Lefty has contributed many pieces, including this steel rod sculpture based on this artwork called "Win Win Situation".

Pic found on Pinterest (Source unknown?)

This year, Lefty will be dropping by local store GnB Comics this coming Friday as well as roving around STGC. He has VERY LIMITED pieces of his art available for pre-order! Most have 10 pieces or fewer left! (Scroll down toward the end of this article for the description and prices.)

Red Dot Diva last did an interview with Lefty about 3 years ago. Wow. Time sure flies. (Check out the article here.) She has bumped into him at conventions between then and now, but since he has some really cool stuff available for sale this coming Friday, she grabbed him for a quickie online Q&A.

Red Dot Diva: Ever since the last STGCC, what you have been up to? You seem to be doing a lot of different things!
Lefty: Yups, I better number them for you here LOL
01 - I did a series of 7 illustrations for George Town World Heritage Inc (GTWHI), with the theme of airwells in traditional houses of George Town, Penang. George Town is a UNESCO world heritage site. The illustrations are featured in GTWHI's official notebook as well as other merchandises such as postcards, tote bags and folders.
02 - I have done a series of "Guardian of The Galaxy" fan art because I love the movie so much. I did it with the theme of 80's icons, like David Bowie, Breakfast Club, Patrick Nagel pop art (Duran Duran "Rio" album sleeve) etc. I also took this opportunity to collaborate with a few talented artists who painted over my black and white art, namely Zyrex Lim (Bowie Groot) and Wintrynoir (Breakfast Club and Octopussy tribute).
03 - I also completed my second Mandarin graphic novel (iWorld) for Big Tree Publications. It's 128 pages and it took me 9 months!
04 - I had my very first art exhibition this year as well. Its a group exhibition entitled "ARE WE LOST - A Search For Malaysian Pop Culture" with 5 other artist including fellow Gilamon's Michael Chuah and popular graffiti artists Kenji Chai & Katun
Red Dot Diva: Phew! That's a lot of stuff goin' on!

Red Dot Diva: Tell us more about "iWord" and "The Hour Glass Mystery".
Lefty: They are both science fiction novels for young readers (age 10-14) by Big Tree Publications. I was approached by the publisher a couple of years back and completed "The Hour Glass Mystery" in 2013. It's all about the timing I guess, as I have been writing and drawing for years and I never did story that passes 30 pages. I wanted to give my drawing skill a push by drawing a book that is more than a hundred page so when I was offered to do this, I couldn't resist. I was pretty happy about the "achievement" of completing such a thick book, I took up another book after that, which is "iWorld".

"iWorld" was launched at BookFest KLCC Malaysia this year in July. Both are science fiction mysteries aiming at students around 10 to 14 years old. They are sold in schools across Malaysia. Since they are not available in Singapore, I plan to bring them in during STGCC as well as Singapore Writers Festival (SWF) in Oct. I am selling them in an exclusive set, which comes with a special 3D anaglyphs print complete with a glasses.
Red Dot Diva: oooh! SWF! So we'll get to see you TWICE this year!

Red Dot Diva: For you, is there a difference between writing a Mandarin-language based story vs an English one?
Lefty: I mainly write in English but since I could read and write Mandarin too, there isn't a big difference.
Red Dot Diva: I feel so language-deficient knowing this.

Red Dot Diva: I notice that there is a Star Wars parody series that you are have called "ARE WE LOST". What made you decide to draw this art pieces?
Lefty: The theme of the show is to find the local pop culture. Pop culture is such a globally influenced entity, my idea is to have iconic pop figures doing very local activities, and who could be more iconic than the core Star Wars characters, right?

Red Dot Diva: Sooooooooo how excited are you about Star Wars : The Force Awakens?
Lefty: I was very disappointed by Lucas' Episode I-III, so it's a lesson taught not to put a high hope on it. Having said that, I was blown away by the trailers and the Comic-Con clips showed a lot of positive energy among the people behind this new series. The joy on their face already it said it all.

Red Dot Diva: Will you be coming up with anymore locally relevant heroes or stories?
Lefty: Yes, locally relevant heroes and stories are the priority of my works. Like most storytellers, I have so many stories in my mind waiting to come out.

Red Dot Diva: What is your next upcoming project?
Lefty: I have been in talks with another writer/ friend to collaborate on a local detective story, hopefully it will see the light soon. I also plan to do a brand new Major Zombie comics for next year's STGCC.
Red Dot Diva: YAYY!
Lefty: Last but not least, there could be a huge Star Wars art piece before 2015 ended... Will keep you posted! =D


Here is the list of Lefty's artwork available for purchase at GnB Comics on 11 September evening with their corresponding prices, as described by Lefty himself. Do click the respective images to view larger versions on your screen.

1. "ARE WE LOST" - Lefty Star Wars parody limited edition print series which were part of the group exhibition at Studio 267 from 22-23 Aug.

Apart from the originals, Neon Sauce has produced a series of high quality numbered prints limited to ony 50 pieces. Many were sold during the exhibition and the remained will be available online later. Since I am meeting you guys, if you want to purchase them, I can deliver them to GnB during the gathering so no shipping fee. On top of that, they will be signed of course.

- 23.4” x 16.5”(A2 size) high quality offset printing on heavy stock.
- Limited to 50 copies only.
- Numbered and signed at SGD35 per piece

01 Boba Flora
02 FRT (Federal Reserved Troopers)
03 Dato' Vader 04 Hang Sulu & Chew Bak Kah
05 Kak Lia
06 Master Yuda
07 Rempit Trooper
08 Farmboy Luke

2. “AIRWELLS OF GEORGE TOWN” Hardcover Notebook + Postcard Set Artist Edition
(Official merchandise of George Town World Heritage Inc)

Hardcover spiralbound notebook
Size: 148.5 x 210 mm (A5 size); Pages: 174 pages

- Each book is signed with an original pencil sketch by Lefty.
- 7 illustrations by Lefty, with the theme of traditional usage of airwell in heritage houses in George Town.
- Information pages about Georg Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
- With 80 blank pages and 80 lined pages.
 - Cover features a silver metallic stamping Postcard set Size: 100 x 150 mm
- 7 cards with illustrations by Lefty, with the theme of traditional usage of airwell in heritage houses in George Town.
- A signed sketch card. (6 variations)
- Printed on recycled card stock.
- Hardcover Notebook + Postcard Set Artist Edition SGD30


Size: 297 x 420 (A3 size)

- 6 80’s parody illustrations with painted art by popular new artists Wintrynoir, Zyrex Lim & Qian over Lefty’s pencil art
- 6 prints set with a FREE slipcase, SGD40 

01 Groot as Bowie’s Alladin Sane Painted by Zyrex Lim over Lefty’s pencil art
02 Drax in the famous Neveux Studios gym pose By Lefty
03 “The Breakfast Club”, nuff said. Painted by Wintrinoir over Lefty’s pencil art
04 Gamora & Nebula in Patrick Nagel’s art style By Lefty
05 Star Lord as Bond in “Octopussy” Painted by Wintrinoir over Lefty’s pencil art
06 Gamora in Andy Warhol’s pop art style Painted by Qian over Lefty’s pencil art

4. “iWORLD” + “THE HOUR GLASS MYSTERY” graphic novel Artist Edition set

Graphic Novel: 128 pages each. Aim for young readers and written in Mandarin
Product Dimensions: 148.5 x 210 mm

- 2 graphic novels with an exclusive 3D print + 3D anaglyphs glasses, SGD40 

- A 3D art print of the "iWorld" cover image will also be included with the graphic novel set!

If you Pre-order the above amounting to SGD50 or more, you will get a 10% off.


Red Dot Diva says that you can contact Lefty via Private Message on his Facebook page for commissions or for more information about his work! You can also view many of his interesting and varied artwork there!

Collection will be at GnB Comics on Friday, 11 September evening. Or at Sonny Liew's Artist Alley Booth #AA1 at STGCC itself! (Like dat ah, Red Dot Diva says, got no excuse to miss visiting Sonny Liew and Chan Shiuan there! It's a Must!)

Hurry. Remember what Red Dot Diva said earlier. Only VERY LIMTED COPIES available!

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