Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Post-STGCC 2015: Videos! A Quick Roundup, Greeting From Adam Hughes and Talking Comics Panel!

Was STGCC 2015 a fun weekend for you?

Red Dot Diva had a great time with fellow geeks and friends, despite the haze and a severe bout of exhaustion due to lack of sleep. Also, the convention guests were stellar, especially Agnes Garbowska's, Adam Hughes' and Simone Legno's lines were never-ending, and both worked so hard to sign, chat and sketch for their fans.

Red Dot Diva and Toys-etc's Ed are rushing to head to Manila for AsiaPop Comicon Manila in a few hours. So, here's a post-STGCC round-up.... in video!

So Ed did not manage to capture much of Adam Hughes' on the showfloor, and neither did Red Dot Diva! Adam's lines and schedule were intense, so she did not want to bug him with a camera in his face.

She did however, managed to get Adam Hughes to do a short greeting! :D
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And for extra, extra bonus to the comic book loving fans out there, here's the "Talking Comics" panel on Day 1.

The panel was very well moderated by Leslie Lee, Executive Director in the Walt Disney Company (Southeast Asia), and had a number of interesting tidbits from the guests especially toward the tail end.

Please do give Red Dot Diva's pal, Jas, a huge round of applause and love for capturing this awesome moment on video!

More interview transcripts will be coming soon. It may take some time due to the Manila trip, but Red Dot Diva will try to get to it as soon as she's home!

"See" you all in Manila!

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