Friday, September 4, 2015

AsiaPop Comic Con Manila 2015: Jason Momoa No Longer Attending; Look out for Amalgamated Dynamics


Celebrity guest Jason Momoa will no longer be attending AsiaPop Comicon Manila (APCC Manila).

This is very unfortunate, but as in the case of actors, their film schedules and opportunities can come up in the last minute, and such guest cancellations are quite common in the convention scene.

Do not feel too disappointed though! Red Dot Diva says that APCC is still set to heat up the convention floor on 18 to 20 September. Their current guest list is one of the best seen in this region so far, encompassing a very broad range of genres for any respectable geek.

One exhibit area to look for is the one hosted by Academy Award-winning special effects studio Amalgamated Dynamics (AD), a leader in prostethics and animatronics.

The founders from the company - Alec Gillis and Tom Woodruff, Jr - will give fans a taste of Hollywood by giving them a peek into what happens behind the scenes on character effects development and execution.

A character very familiar to many geeks would be the Alien Queen from the Alien franchise. AD were the people behind on making her come alive on screen. Check this video out!

Not only were they involved in the Alien franchise from "Alien 3" onwards, AD also did the movies like

Word is, AD's exhibit will be interactive with effects demonstrations and they are all set wow the fans attending the convention with displays from movies like "X-Men: First Class", "Zookeeper", "Race to Witch Mountain", "Bernie the Gorilla" and of course "Alien Resurrection" and "Alien vs Predator. In particular, Newborn and Warrior from "Alien Resurrection" will be on display!

Behind the scenes work has always intrigued Red Dot Diva, so she s excited about being able to check out AD's works first hand at APCC Manila.

Don't miss the chance of seeing the cold stuff at the APCC Manila show.

Tickets are already on sale online at the APCC Manila website, with one day to the full weekend passes still available!

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