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STGCC 2014: Who Else Will Be At The Pop-Culture Convention of the Year?

After the announcement of 12 guests for this year's STGCC, there were some MORE who will be here at the pop-culture convention of the year at MBS' Convention Centre on 6-7 September.

One of them is well-known toy designer Scott TollesonScott Tolleson had already been teasing his fans on Twitter and Instagram with pics of his reveals in the Red Dot Island, including the adorable Kookie No Good. The news of his guest appearance was finally confirmed with an official press release from Reed/ STGCC recently. WOOHOOO! Another of his exclusives is Bella Lee, who will be showing her killer curves at the Pobber booth at #AA76 and #AA78.

Just look at the fortune cookie pout!

Do check out the Spotlight on Scott Tolleson written by Ed of Toys-etc from the Glam Bloggers' Alliance!

Another returning toy designer is the not-that-angry Angry Woebots. Angry Woebots had been actively travelling around the globe with his "Enraged Grrrr Panda" (how can an angry panda still look so cute??! :D) and Army of Sniper homies, painting murals and meeting fellow local artists in each country. It is wonderful how art can be used to spread a positive global message about humanity, solidarity and of course, beauty. Red Dot Diva can't wait to fistbump with him again at this year's convention.

OMG, Minion Sneakers!

And here's an interesting guests for those who love to wear sneakers! Matt "Sekure D" Fabrice, voted as one of the top 10 customized sneaker artists in the world, will be in town to meet his fans. However, Sekure D not only works on sneakers, he has also designed vinyl toys with popular brand names like Kidrobot.

Sekure D mentioned on Facebook that he will be making a a Bane Dunk High sneaker design, and another special one to be revealed only at STGCC!

Oh, and a few more comic artists from overseas who will be at STGCC as guests! One of them is Harvey Tolibao, who will be returning to STGCC after a two-year absence. This time, he will be accompanied by his HMT Team of artists from his studio. Red Dot Diva and the Glam Bloggers' Alliance miss Harvey and his wife Juli much-much, so it will be good to hang around to chat with them at his booth again. (Also, check out this write-up about Harvey Tolibao by fellow GBA-er Agent W.) Harvey has an animated personality and is eager to meet his fans, so do drop by and say hello to him! Red Dot Diva assures that one would be quite charmed. ;)

Do look out for a follow-up RDD article on Harvey Tolibao which will be posted very soon!

Batman and Robin, by Philip Tan
The other comic artists making their way to the convention are Philip Tan and Aaron Kim E. Jacinto. Philip Tan has worked for the "Big Two", Marvel and DC Comics, as well as Image and Wildstorm. His strokes and drawings showcase a special kind of kinetic energy and if one wants a piece of that, he will be having an exclusive print of Batman and Robin just for the show (see pic above)!

Filipino artist Aaron Kim E. Jacinto was discovered by another of our favourite guets - talent scout and now SVP Creator and Content Development for Marvel, C.B. Cebulski. Aaron is a rising star with Marvel Comics and has worked on "Wolverine Max" and "Indestructible Hulk".

Adding to the local slant of things is Evangeline Neo aka Eva. Eva has put out a unique light-hearted comic about the quirks of Japanese and Singapore culture, earning her title of #1 Weekly Bestseller at Kinokuniya. Cool, right?? She will be continuing to promote and do signings for her first book, "Eva, Kopi and Matcha".

For those who hanker for more cosplayers, two more guests have been added to the list - Kakkoi cosplayer Lenneth XVII from Red Dot Island, who lovingly crafts detailed costumes from Kill La Kill to Free! as well as Aliga, who is known for her kawaii cosplays, such as Kotori Minami from anime LoveLive!

This latest list of convention guests has made STGCC even more awesome, and an even more tempting event choice for those around the region! Will other fans from neighbouring countries be attending the convention?

For faster and better access to signings and events, do remember to buy the VIP tickets! Stocks are running low right now.

Prices are SGD 19 for a 1-day ticket and SGD 25 for two days.

BUY the VIP Ticketing at

Here's the first STGCC party announcement! Well, it's in fact a pre-STGCC shindig hosted by guest Alex Solis and friend/Threadless staffer Jeff Guerrero! There will be freebies! (or so they promised)</ Red Dot Diva is sure there will be nommy biceps. ;)b>

Click on the Instagram invite, and see if one can join the gang for a casual get-together session!

4 September

starting 6 PM

Lowercase Cafe-Bar 1 McNally St, Blk D #01-01 Singapore 187940

The Glam Bloggers' Alliance
will most probably be gracing the event with their presence, complete with glitter. ;)

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