Saturday, August 9, 2014

Cinemax Asia: Relish the First Cut and Watch New Medical Series "The Knick"

When a TV watching fan's taste for hospital dramas is less soap-operish and more gory, then Red Dot Diva recommends Cinemax's new retro medical 10-episode miniseries "The Knick"!

The show premiered on 9 August (YAY! National Day, yo!) on HBO Asia's network in the following eight territories, including the Red Dot Island - Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Taiwan and Thailand, with subtitles available in a few specific countries - Hong Kong (Chinese), Indonesia (Bahasa Indonesia), Malaysia (Bahasa Malaysia), Taiwan (Chinese) and Thailand (Thai).

What's even better is that the one can relish the first bloody cut and watch it for FREE! Thanks to HBO Asia, there will be free samplings of the pilot episode of "The Knick" on Cinemax's website ( and on HBO Asia’s YouTube channel ( for two weeks from 11 to 25 August. So fans can decide if they should subscribe to the Cinemax channel.

Following the premiere in Asia exclusively on Cinemax on Saturday, August 9 at 10 PM (9 PM Thai/Jkt), there will be new episodes aired every week at the same time. The series is also available free on HBO on Demand from Monday, 18 August.

This is the first time HBO Asia is offering the entire pilot episode of our original series for free to all audiences, including non-subscribers, on our website and on the HBO Asia YouTube channel,” said Magdalene Ew, Head, Marketing, Creative and Content, HBO Asia. “We hope this free sampling of the Cinemax Original series, 'The Knick' , will help build interest in the brand-new show, offer more viewers a chance to watch the show legitimately, and prompt viewers to subscribe to the channel.

Red Dot Diva has to note that this is a classy way for Cinemax to rebrand itself to something gutsier - especially when there are these two heavyweights involved in the series. Award-winning actor, and ever-broody Clive Owen (“Gosford Park”, “Children of Men”, “Closer”) leads the cast as a rocker-styled medical doctor John Thackery who battles with his addictions as much as his ego in this original series directed by the Oscar-winning film director Steven Soderbergh (“Traffic”, “Side Effects”, HBO’s “Behind the Candelabra”). The show's creators are writers Jack Amiel and Michael Begler.

"The Knick" is set in the Knickerbocker Hospital located in downtown New York at the turn-of-the-century - a time when electricity was becoming an essential facet of modern life rather than just scientific studies. Mortality rates were high during that era, and surgeons, nurses and staff race to push the boundaries of medical science with rudimentary tools, very bloody procedures and with no antibiotics. Expect much body parts and fluids, squishy sounds and agonizing screams.

Add to the mix, a society divided by class, the prevailing misogynistic attitudes toward women and prejudices for other races, and "The Knick" seems all set to mesmerize and make its viewers cringe at the same time.

For the morbidly curious, the Bowery Boys - a website which focuses on NYC's history - has an interesting article and pics of the old Knickerbocker Hospital. (Click here for the article.) The hospital has been closed for a number of years, but Red Dot Diva did a Google Map search, and an apartment block is what stands on the site now. Ghost hunts.. erm she means,... site visit, anyone?

Click pic for larger version

Red Dot Diva has yet to watch the show, but it's definitely on her list. After all, she finds it difficult to resist a historical-based drama which reeks of horror and angst, and would most probably look like this half the time:

"The Clinic of Dr. Gross" by Thomas Eakins

Even before its premiere on 9 August, "The Knick" has already been renewed for a second season. Steven Soderbergh will continue as the series' director for Season 2. Yet another strong sign that the show will be breaking some interesting groundwork in the landscape of cable TV.

So, Asian viewers, don't forget to check out those free samplings from 11 to 25 August!


Special Diva MWAHS to Team HBOAsia who sent her this superb "The Knick" surgeon's kit, especially that bottle in the middle.
PS: Red Dot Diva is all ready to make housecalls now. (Muahahahhaa. *rubs hands with glee*)

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