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STGCC 2014: Bicepstuous Booths #1 - BooksActually Exhibits for the First Time and will Feature a Bunch of Local Creators

STGCC is less than a month away (eeks!) and Red Dot Diva is super-anxious to meet the new and returning biceps who will be in town for the island's #1 pop-culture event.

This week, she will be starting a blog series called "STGCC's Bicepstuous Booths" which will highlight some of the artistic arms and creative minds who will be making their appearance at the convention. So that it will be easier, especially for newbies or those who will be attending the convention for only 1 day, to hone in straight to the sexy. Diva so nice, right?

By the way, Red Dot Diva is also proud to announce that the Glam Bloggers' Alliance from last year - Andre Chee (aka Red Dot Dude), Agent W and Edward from Toysetc - will be back in full force to create more snarky havoc than before. Do say hi to any of them if one spots them perv-ily-tweeting online or sneaking around on the convention floor!

Red Dot Diva's STGCC Bicepstuous Booths blog series kicks off with well-loved local indie book store BooksActually.

The book store is popping its local pop-culture convention cherry by setting up a sizeable booth called "The Comic Strip" at #H21. The booth will feature local creators with comics and genre-related works released by BooksActually's publishing arm, Math Paper Press.

Familiar names like Troy Chin and Kenfoo will both be at the booth together with new creators Stephanie Raphaela Ho, Wayne Rée and Gene Whitlock (aka Danger Gene). The last two dudes are Red Dot Diva's geek pals so she is really proud to see them flex their creative biceps (complete with their burly hirsuteness) by launching their own books at STGCC.

Oh, and just so that everyone will be able to recognize these two interesting creatures during the convention, here is a pic of them doing their hunky biceps thing. That's Wayne on the left, and Gene on the right.


It was just perfect timing,” said BooksActually’s co-founder Kenny Leck. “We were working with these creators, separately at first. But we soon found that, even though their books were as diverse as you can get as far as subject matter goes, they all just wanted to tell great stories and have fun in the way that only the medium of comics can allow.

Leck adds, “STGCC was the obvious choice to launch all these books. The convention continues to grow every year, both in terms of attendees and overall vibrancy – and we can’t wait to see the fans here embrace what is just our first wave of great new comics and picture books.

The books launched at STGCC 2014 will be:

The Resident Tourist: Vol. 6 by Troy Chin. The story about culture shock and experiences of someone who has returned to living in Singapore continues with this charming book series.

A Wonderful Life by Kenfoo. This comic diary, drawn in the distinct style of Kenfoo, documents his astute observation of the various facets of life - from the mundane to the quirky to weird and disturbing.

The Adventures of Fatman & Superchub by Stephanie Raphaela Ho. Ripped superheroes in all their spandexed glory? Forget about that. Get ready to chomp on the exploits of this unexpected heroic duo who throw body image issues into the wind.

Tales From A Tiny Room by Wayne Rée. An anthology of 11 short stories from the active mind of Wayne (this may be less scarier than it sounds? Right, right?), featuring accompanying art by Audrey Chan, Paul Hendricks and Andrew Mason. The proses include a story about two gods musing about their respective universes and a reporter whose life changed dramatically after he met a man who could fly.

The Unsavoury Alphabet by Gene Whitlock. A merry caper from the notebooks of Mike Blood P.I. that pays homage to the noir of the 40's. All very stylo-mylo, involving well-dressed creatures and characters of all shapes, sizes and skin types, with a touch of lively zaniness that's so Gene.

There will be signings with all the featured creators at "The Comic Strip" on both days and a portfolio review with the publisher before each convention day closes. For more details, click on the pic below for the schedule:

"The Comic Strip" is one of the booths that simply MUST NOT be missed during this year's STGCC. What better way to support local writing and the arts than by buying these new books and giving these creators some fan love? (Besides, there will also be awesome sets of biceps to ogle at! *flex flex*)

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