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STGCC 2014: Get To Know Argyle Master and Toy Designer Scott Tolleson

The countdown to STGCC 2014 continues! It's now only 7 days away!

One of the special guests who will be in town meeting fans at the convention will be popular toy designer Scott Tolleson. For awhile there, Scott's guest appearance was kept under wraps by the convention's organizers. Although, it was the best-kept secret ever.  

Thanks to Scott, who had been teaser-posting his STGCC exclusives on Twitter/ Instagram, eagle-eyed fans already had an inkling that he was heading to the Red Dot Island. It was only some weeks later that STGCC finally officially announced him as one of the convention guests. (Check out the previous blurbs on Scott Tolleson here.)

The grizzly-bicepstuous Scott Tolleson has designed collector toys that range from the cute to the sexy to the weird and monstrous. Red Dot Diva has fallen in love with Kookie No Cute, which Scott will be releasing at STGCC. *grabby hands* Must have!!

Awww Kookie No Good...

Ed from toys-etc, and a member of this year's Glamour Blog Alliance, drowned himself in giant rolls of argyle and much vinyl-ness to get more deets from the man:


STGCC 2014: Getting under the argyle wrap with Scott Tolleson

So this is me, continuing the shining spotlight on Argyle Warrior. It's 7 more days to STGCC. Wooha! Let's get this on the road!

Ed: My favorite from your STGCC entourage would be Deadbeet. The originality is refreshing and I love, in particular, what Jeremiah Ketner did to this ugly (used in the most complimentary manner!) sofubi. A close second would be Trayjus because Guardian of the Galaxy. Which among your showcase is your favorite? Tell us one dirty secret about it! Should it become the next member of GotG?
Scott: I'm partial to Trayjus because I sculpted him. I hadn't sculpted since I was in college and then decided to throw around some clay one day and see what came of it. Trayjus was the result. I surprised myself with that sculpt because A.) I'm not a sculptor and B.) It came easier than I anticipated. No dirty secrets other than the name. His name came about one night when some friends and I were in a drunken stupor. Amongst our silliness the word "Trayjus" was said and it caught me as being ridiculously funny. It stuck with me months later and the rest is history.

Ed: When Yoddha was revealed, three big letters flashed in my mind, namely W, T and F. I'm guessing that the zen-ness is connecting quality between the little green man and the man with ultimate earlobes, and the multitude of eyes is the ascendant mark of omniscience. How far off mark am I on this?
Scott: WTF is pretty much what I was thinking when designing this character. When Jeffrey and I talked about doing this collaboration we both agreed that it would be fun for me to do something unexpected. I wanted to go dark this time. I felt like all my pieces up to this point had elements of cuteness to them, ala. Kookie No Good. I wanted to throw that all out and go with a sinister and mysterious piece. Also, I was listening to a lot of Tool at that time so I'm pretty sure that was a factor. The meaning behind this piece is even the purest of beings have a "dark side".

Ed: Being a toy collector like you for years, my favourite has always been Visionaries and unlike the revival of its compatriots - My Little Pony, Transformers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, He-Man - the Knights of the Magical Light never got any loving. Tell us your favourite toy/series and the magic it has over you.
Scott: For classic toy series' it's really hard to nail it down to a favorite. MOTU, Star Wars Transformers, TMNT and Thundercats will always be up there as major influences. Some series' I've loved that I feel didn't stick around long enough were Crystar, Boglins, Madballs and Sectaurs. I always felt as a kid that these properties could have been further developed.

Ed: Your history of toy production and design shows that you have the most un-idle mind in the industry. With great power comes great responsibility. Imagine our world is about to be besieged by authoritarians aliens who have massive sticks up their butts and intend the same for earthlings. What is the perfect toy weapon you would bestow upon your argyle warriors?
Scott: Dude, each argyle warrior will be equipped with Morning Star of Zuul. Blessed with the sacred Stolle Argyle Crest of unlimited power.

Ed: There's a fashion crime of superhuman proportions. The Fashion Authority of (still thinking of something for this) (gave up) (wanted it a P word so it'll be...) needs you. Which superhero costume needs to be sent to the pyre and how would you cover his baby smooth cheeks? 
Scott: I'm thinking of something like a less dark, more fashionable Batman. WTF is up with superheroes these days not having a since of fashion? Let's throw some argyle sweaters on these dudes and chicks with some thick rimmed glasses and a shot of Binaca in their mouth holes. Time to mix it up in the superhero world. Imagine a Robin but with an argyle frame of mind. THAT's what I'm talking about. Let's shake it up!

Ed: Are your biceps munchable? (Red Dot Diva perks up with attention at this question. *g*)
Scott: If you're asking if I'm sexy I will have to say, yes. But not the conventional, David Beckham kinda sexy. More like a poor man's Ryan Gosling sexy. I like how these questions get progressively sillier.

And that's it. I'm glad you enjoyed the questions King of Argyle nation! There's nothing out there about the toys that has not already been written so I'm just goofing around. Dearest Scott will be taking all your money come Sept 6th. Choose your poison early for these are definitely exclusives...well, most of them are. If you can't find the booth, GO HOME, YOU'RE DRUNK! :p

Here are the Scott Tolleson's STGCC Product Info:

Yoddha Bust (collaboration with Flabslab)
Edition: 30
Price: $250USD

Bella Lee (collaboration with Pobber)
Edition: Open
Price: $120USD

Oozebeet GID
Edition: 30
Price: $60USD

New World Order Malicus
Edition: 10
Price: TBA

Periwinkle Trayjus
Edition: 30
Price: TBA

Kookie No Good
Edition: 30
Price: $40USD


Mmmmm... this interview is making Red Dot Diva feel all Argyled-up to meet Mr Scott Tolleson next weekend. So who will be brave enough to rock a superhero-style in fancy argyle at STGCC?

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