Saturday, August 16, 2014

Comic Creators now in the Loop with the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS!

It has been so fun watching the celebrities take on the Ice Bucket Challenge for #ProjectALS the last few days!

Red Dot Diva thinks it's a great idea. The social media stunt injects that special atmosphere of fun and camaraderie while raising awareness and funding for ALS at the same time.

(Check out her previous round-up on celebrities doing the #IceBucketChallenge for the ALS Association!)

And now, it seems the comic creators and artists are going to get drawn into this. For internationally known writer Brian Michael Bendis has now completed the challenge and throws the gauntlet to Matt Fraction, David Mack and Michael Avon Oeming! Red Dot Diva had been wondering when this was going to happen, and it has now begun!

Click this link to watch Brian Michael Bendis' Ice Bucket Challenge video!

ICE, Ice, BABY! Who's next!

(Red Dot Diva will be updating this post as more challenges get completed by comics-related folks!)

UPDATED - 18 August 2014

Kevin Eastman and wife Courtney took up the challenge!

Scott Synder:

UPDATED - 20 August 2014

Tom Hodges

Brent Schoonover and Mitch Gerads

UPDATED - 21 August 2014

Here's David Petersen - creator/ artist of "Mouseguard"!

And here's Skottie Young's version!

Cory Godbey

UPDATED - 25 August 2014

The critically acclaimed and uber-popular writer Neil Gaiman does it in a bow tie, with many Deaths, on a Santa Monica beach:

Richard Pace:

UPDATED - 26 August 2014

Stan Lee - or a version of him - took the challenge! Diva considers that legit:

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