Friday, August 30, 2013

STGCC 2013: Untie Those Pursestrings and Grab Some COOL Goodies!

STGCC officially opens its door at 10 am tomorrow! Exhibitors and guests are already prettifying their booths at the convention centre at this moment.

There is just soooooo many wondrous things to buy at this year's convention that Red Dot Diva feels very very $orry for your bank account.

She knows you would already be quite familiar with the exclusives from the regular exhibitors, like Hot Toys, Tokidoki, and such. In addition, on her various articles leading up to this weekend (scroll down her blog archive on the left for the links), Red Dot Diva has also highlighted sketchbooks, figurines and art prints that will be available at their respective Artist Alley booths. One thing for sure, the local and regional creators have sure upped their game this year!

And still, there are a few MORE cool stuff that she thinks are worth loo$ening up your pur$e $tring$ for. Ready to break open your ATM / credit card/ hard cash/ sell a kidney?
Here goes!

XMashed Gear - Booth F43
Feel the need to revamp or geekify your wardrobe even further? Fear not.

XMashed Gear, an online gamer/ pop-culture t-shirt store, will be headed to the STGCC for the first time this year!

On top of printing their original snazzy designs including those by founder Zhou Xuanming (or Barefists), the store also imports interesting tees from suppliers abroad for the local geeks. If you find Barefists' designs familiar, that is because they are frequently featured in other sites as Shirtpunch, Qwertee and OtherTees.

Red Dot Diva griped to Barefists about the lack of affordable tees styled for the fashionable geek lady in Red Dot Island. And he has assured her that there will be ladies cut tees at their STGCC booth! W0000t!

Artist pal Keatopia has also contributed a special tee design (see below) for the store.

Each tee is priced at $25 and there will be a 10% off at STGCC for folks who like their Facebook page and show it to us on their mobile phones. So go LIKE THAT PAGE NOW!

Keatopia - Artist Alley Booth G12
Keatopia (Ong Ean Keat) is a Malaysian artist based in Singapore who has collaborated with this friends with design work, like HairyasHell and Barefists at XSmashed Gear.

His artwork expressions, in mainly pencils or ink, have a strong anime-manga influence and they come to life even more when his wife Eunice Xu - also a talented artist - does the colouring. See the Catwoman art below on the far left? Very swee, right?

This year, Keatopia is offering a A3 pencil prints, and a series of special art prints (see below) are done in collaboration with other Malaysian artists - HK Lim, Calvin Chua, Jerome Moo, Kobe Sek and Eunice Xu.

There will also be A3 pencil prints and a special sketchbook called "Wrath" which shares how Keatopia and Hairyashell worked together from the design processes and development of the sculptures, "The Unseen Darkness" and "The Thunderous Lightning", to their final form. And ooooh --- there are also preview pages of the upcoming comic which incorporates both characters in a Greek mythology plus modern-day setting.

Sonny Liew - Artist Alley Booth G20
Another STGCC-regular is Eisner-nominated artist Sonny Liew. He returns this year at the convention's Artist Alley with his books, various artwork and art prints.

Sonny's art style is unmistakable and unique, and Red Dot Diva highly recommends grabbing his book "Malinky Robot" for a whimsical dose of kids and robots in a strange imaginary dystopian world.

This year, Sonny is promoting a character called Pinocchio. There are Pinocchio postcards and a high limited toy figurine (only 25 pieces!) will be available at another booth called Vinyl-on-Vinyl (booth F56)! Collectors should go check it out!

Sarah Isabel Dominique/ Firestarter - Location: ????
Here's a mini-treasure hunt for STGCC-goers and "Pacific Rim" fans.

Tempted to grab a copy of this Beauooooootifoool "Pacific Rim" poster by local artist Sarah?

Um.... Well, Sarah does not have her own booth at STGCC this year.

To snag this, you can try looking for her wandering around the exhibition floor, wearing a Tokidoki hat, kaiju shirt and monster mask

Or you could try to Gypsy-Danger it and see if she has invaded RocketRaygun's booth G11) by leaving a trail of the posters and postcards around. Good luck!


Only a few hours away to STGCC Day 1!
Have fun all you geeks! :D

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