Monday, August 19, 2013

STGCC 2013: Hot Toys To Exhibit Iron Man Suits; Nathan Hamill As Guest and More!

It may be slightly less than 2 weeks to STGCC 2013 but to this geek, it is one hell of a wait!!!

Late last week, the STGCC organizers announced their final wave of guests which include an AWESOME announcement that will make all Iron Man fans tremble-scream-squeal-faint with delight.

Hot Toys' The Iron Man Experience
As if Hot Toys' own toys isn't hot enough, the company has decided to team up with Action City to showcase an exact life-sized replica of the Hall of Armor from Tony Stark’s Malibu mansion! WOO HOO!!!

All your favourite authentic movie armors will be displayed, including the Mark I through the Mark VII, with the Mark XLII as the centerpiece. Wait -- there's more. Two holographic display showcases will also be in the booth, highlighting the 1/6th scale Mark VII and Tony Stark collectible figures in 3D form! You can imagine how awesome this will look. (Note: Red Dot Diva is already salivating at the thought.)

In addition, Hot Toys will be releasing the exclusive Iron Man 3: 1/6 scale Midas (Mark XXI) limited edition collectible figurine. There are only 800 sets available, so you gotta grab them quick at the convention!

Toy Designer Nathan Hamill
Pic credit: Vinyl Pulse
One of the guests I am really eager to meet is Nathan Hamill.

Nathan is an up-and-coming toy designer who has worked for Bongo Comics, and also has a cameo role as a Royal Guard of Naboo in "Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace".

You might be wondering why these few words sound familiar “Star Wars” + “Hamill”. That is because Nathan Hamill has perhaps one of the coolest dad in the galaxy - the legendary Mark Hamill aka Jedi Master Luke Skywalker!!

Mark Hamill is well-known for his involvement in a wide range of work in scifi, comics, cartoons and games. So, it is hardly a surprise that Nathan - having grown up in a geek-rich environment - is also working in similar fields, including his current passion in toy designing (which tend to feature big-big eyes).

Dexter Soy/ Lyndon Gregorio (through Komikon)
Comic artist Dexter Soy was at Red Dot Island recently, sketching and meeting fans at the Invasion! Toys & Collectibles store.

He will be gracing our shores for the second time this year at STGCC. His work for Marvel includes the relaunch of "Captain Marvel", "Superior Spider-man", "Gambit" and "Uncanny X-force". Currently, he is working on "Masters of the Universe vs. DC Universe".

Joining Dexter is another Filipino artist, Lyndon Gregorio - the cartoonist behind Beerkada, a daily comic strip published in The Philippine Star.

And MORE Exciting Stuff
Besides the announced guests, there will be a lot more happening on the ground, especially at Artist Alley!

- Banshee Creative will be launching their second volume of "Drawlaahhhh". "Drawlaahhhh Vol. 2: Dangerous Curves" is a Malaysian-Pinoy collaboration with artists like Sheldon Goh, Carlo Pagulayan, Rey Villegas, Hanie Mohd, Lefty Kam, Soefara Jaafar, Amir Shahlan, Zechariah Dewitt and Tan Faezal. These artists will be at Banshee's booth F42 and F44, all ready to sign/ sketch their hearts out.

As the name of the art book suggests, it will consist of deliciously curvy comic book women springing out at you from each page. Hubba Hubba!!  With so many awesome artists in one collection, what are you waiting for? Pre-orders can be made at GnB Comics.

There will also be goodies from a cheeky merchandising line called Monkeys & Minions available at the booth.

- Also making their presence at Banshee's booth is Red Dot Diva's favourite Malaysian artist crushes from Gilamon Studio. There will be a spankin' new limited edition book in full-colour called "Zero Hero: Giant Killer". The book features story art by Lefty with vibrant colour by Saw33. An extensive Tan Eng Huat gallery is also inside.

Those interested in pre-order should PM Lefty at the Gilamon Facebook page!

- For more comic geek goodies, make sure you pay a visit to Punakawan Studio at booth G44 and G46. Punakawan Studio is formed by three artist friends, Zenescope Entertainment comics’ artist Noval N. Hernawan and Pipin L. Tobing, and DC comic artist sensation Ardian Syaf. STGCC 2013 marks their appearance as a group for the first time.

- Local artist and pal Kelvin Chan returns to STGCC this year with a new sketchbook Rocketraygun Vol. 2, and his first official action collectible figurine Abbot from his own creative property, "Battlemonks".

There are only 40 pieces of Abbot available, and I think it looks really good! So if you are interested in one, you have to grab one quick at booth G11!

- He who draws one of the most kawaii but effective art renditions ever, Keh Choon Wee or just K for short, is also working hard on bringing a new sketchbook to his STGCC booth G20 this year. For the pop-culture lovers, there will be Spock, there will also be Lannisters, and ... Datoots! Datoots, you say? Visit K at his booth and ask him to tell you more about 'em Datoots. :)

You can also pre-order K's new sketchbook, by heading to his Facebook page!

With so many awesome guests, local and regional talent here in our Red Dot Island, what more could a geek ask for?

STGCC is indeed living up to being THE COOLEST EVENT OF THE YEAR.


Written by Red Dot Dude aka Andre Chee.

Editing by: Red Dot Diva

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