Sunday, August 4, 2013

STGCC 2013: Toys, More Toys and Toy Designer Guests!

Did Red Dot Diva mention Toys?

Yes. TOYS?!!

Why, local toy collectors must have been rejoicing ever since STGCC's organizers have released the latest guest announcements for this year's convention!

Cult toy designers Angry Woebots, Jesse Yu aka J★RYU and Luke Chueh have been invited to set foot at this year's STGCC, together with perennial favorite Simone Legno - creator of Tokidoki.

If you have a penchant for pandas, Angry Woebots' artwork (the well-known moniker for a certain Aaron Martin) must have caught your attention by now. His mad, frenzied, stressed-out pandas or bear themes come in various forms - vinyls, dunnys, street art, installations, murals, art prints and even t-shirts.

In 2011, Aaron also started a collective of artists called Army of Snipers that helps to connect fans and artists internationally.

Daring and experimental J★RYU was awarded Toy Customiser of the Year in 2012. Naming masters like Hayao Miyazaki and Tim Burton as his inspirations, J★RYU's pieces show a kind of "beautiful-grosteque" style. Like something that has crawled out from an Asianized world of "Pan's Labyrinth" but with a more delicate and emotive intricacy.

He is best known for his Forest of Sorrows body of work with every new piece serving to unfold a new chapter of an ongoing story.

Award-winning toy designer and artist Luke Chueh, whose surrealistic art style has captured the adoration of toy collectors, will be making an appearance at STGCC 2013 too. Using simple and striking colours and concepts, his art embody a mix of the macabre and comedy, with mild-mannered looking bears, rabbits and chickens getting decapitated, bloodied, appearing disconsolate or even possessed.

Red Dot Diva stumbled upon a piece featured on Complex Magazine online where Luke Chueh explains some of his paintings. Click here to read the article for some interesting insights!

(click for a larger version)
Of course, nuclear-hot high-end collectible manufacturer, Hot Toys, has now become a staple at STGCC. The HK-based company will be unveiling three exclusives - Captain America (Star Spangled Man Version), Joe Colton from "G.I. Joe Retaliation" and Superman (Evil Version) from "Superman III".

New to STGCC is another Hong Kong toy company called EnterBay, which specializes in stunning  live-like replicas. (Red Dot Diva thinks they are soooo darn realistic that they are creepy good! And what?!? The "Prison Break" T-Bag one is sold out?!) EnterBay will be showcasing NBA sports superstars Michael Jordan and LeBron James, martial arts icon Bruce Lee, Terminator 2 Battle Damaged and Batman at the convention.

And one must also visit homegrown toy company Play Imaginative's booth. Besides all the Iron Man alloy figurine goodness that they have been and will be releasing, Play Imaginative is also playing host to another special guest, artist Adi Granov. (See previous blog post on Adi Granov guest announcement.)

For more details of exclusives which will be available at this year's STGCC, click here!

After a rather long wait, STGCC 2013 ticket sales information have also been announced.

Prices: SGD 19 for a one-day pass; SGD 25 for a two-day pass
Where to Buy: At selected authorised retail outlets (go to the link below for locations) and at the door. Purchase of VIP package is to be purchased online directly with Reed.

For more ticketing details, visit

Only 26 days more to go!
Will Red Dot Diva bump into you at STGCC 2013?

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