Thursday, August 8, 2013

International Cosplay Day Singapore 2013 Just Around The Corner!

Local cosplayers must be having it real busy these days!

Not only would most of them be preparing for STGCC on 31 August to 1 September 2013 (and arguably the biggest local pop-culture event of the year), there is also a cosplay-centric event happening in two weeks!

Founded by cosplayer Jennifer Alice, International Cosplay Day is a fan-based celebration of the diversity in cosplay and pop-culture.

This year's International Cosplay Day Singapore (ICDS) 2013 will be held on 25th August at *SCAPE's The Warehouse (Level 2), from 10 AM to 8 PM. And the theme is all about Science and Magic!

Filipino geek photographer Jay Tablante - well-known for his cosplay photography - will be coming back to the annual event as Guest-of-Honor. Along with him are cosplayer/ model/ artist/ actress/ recording artist (phew!!) Alodia Gosiengfiao (pictured on right in one of Jay's photoshoots) .....

... as well as former World Cosplay Summit (WCS) representative for Singapore and veteran cosplayer, Yuanie.

Clive Lee, who specializes in cosplay relating to Gundam and mecha cosplay, is also an ICDS Guest-of-Honor this year. Clive has won multiple awards over the years, including the prestigious Anime Festival Asia (AFA) Regional Cosplay Championship.

The best times for laypeople like Red Dot Diva, to gawk and take photos at the elaborate costumes at ICDS would be during the Blizzard Cosplay Runway Contest or the Cosplay Talent Showcase. Last year's ICDS was Red Dot Diva's first official foray into the world of local cosplay, and from what she saw, she was very impressed with the talent, hard work and time put in by the various cosplayers who attended and participated in the event.

(For a throwback on last year's ICDS, here is Red Dot Diva's article on her interview with Yaya Han and Jerry Polence!)

Besides the cosplay showmanship, Singapore's Annual Cosplay Chess also returns to ICDS 2013, with players from the side of Science or of Magic pitching against each other. And what's more - attendees can join a scavenger hunt on that day called ConQuest and sway the final results for forces on either side!

Then there are the staples like Artist Alley, panels and meet and greet opportunities with guests like Alodia Gosiengfiao. Jay Tablante will be exhibiting his work on site, and he will be bringing his cosplay photography book Geekology 101 for signings. Red Dot Diva believes that prints of his vibrant photos will be on sale during the event as well.

Whether you are a particpant, an avid cosplay photographer, just a fan-attendee or supporter, ICDS 2013 seems like a very colourful way to spend your Sunday.

A non-costumed Red Dot Diva aims to be at ICDS 2013 to carry out her regular busybody stuff. Other than skulking around taking notes of the event, Red Dot Diva suspects she would be spending some time cozying up to the Café NESCAFE booth for free coffee!


Regular Entry Tickets for ICDS 2013 are priced at $5.
VIP Tickets are priced at $30
More information on where and how to get tickets on this link!


ICDS is organized by the The Neo Tokyo Project.

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