Friday, August 30, 2013

STGCC 2013: Top 5 Moments (ToysEtc + Red Dot Diva Exclusive Fan Service Variant)

ToysEtc regurgitates his top 5 moments of the Media Preview last Thursday while Red Dot Diva parries and adds more spice to his hot list.

1. The Media
Meeting friends, old and new, at the convention is an annual affair. This is usually the only time our lives intersect and this picture distills the essence - the overwhelming enthusiasm, the glorious geekiness and the must-take-picture-trophy fervor. Meanwhile, J*RYU's face tells another story.

Clicks and flashes

Red Dot Diva: Dude. What only time? We recently bonded over pandas, remember? :|

2. The Moody Collective
Considering theirs works of mutilated animals, pissed-off pandas and aggrieved ghosts girls, Luke Chueh, Angry Woebots and J*RYU from ArmyOfSnipers were surprisingly chipper. If you are in Luke's proximity, beware of the F bombs.

Red Dot Diva: F bombs are to be embraced. Although, I was too busy admiring their Toy-Designer Biceps to notice any kind of bombs. 


3. The Cosplayers' Instinct
While everyone (except W, who clearly was looking for a photo moment) had their eyes on Angry Woebots and his amazing 10 minute panda live drawing, Aza shows us her magic radar. I salute you!

Creepy much

Red Dot Diva: You're just jealous that their instinct is better than yours. And she has a nicer sword :P
Vampy Bit Me and Aza - Where Got Creepy?

4. Best Speech ever
Which explains the grainy picture. It was really over before it began. Ms Yeow Hui Leng, Project Director of STGCC, said something like four lines and then I rose to the occasion and clapped vigorously.

She was like The Flash

Red Dot Diva: *standing ovation*!

5. Tight Bodies
Joe Madureira shows us that hot bods ain't a girl thing. Carefully unshaven and charmingly witty, Red Dot Diva watch out! This Wolverine comes baring claws!

Fan service alert
Red Dot Diva: Such utter lack of details. How can you call that a fan service alert. You forgot to mention.....

His nommy biceps. 
They deserve their time in the limelight. He doesn't spend his time lifting pencils for nothing.

Complete with tattoo:

The almost-silver foxy hair, super long eyelashes...

And that scintillating smile of his

Result: --- OVARIES EXPLODED ---

6. Tight Bodies 2 - Special Absentee Mention
Red Dot Diva: David Mack was not at the Media Preview but Diva has the superpower of foresight and got this special video greeting at SDCC in July.

No need for more words... just VIEW the video clip greeting below:

So if you are still wavering about whether you will be going to STGCC, what other excuses do you need??

SEE YOU at the Convention!


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