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SDCC 2013: Catching Up with "Devil Inside" WebComic Creators Todd Stashwick and Dennis Calero!

Demons, a cannibalistic-fanboy, a Philistine giant with an infamous name and why not, the Devil himself.

Put them altogether and what you get is a free action-horror webcomic called "Devil Inside".

The good vs evil drama that come in full technicolour is the result from the vibrant imaginations of actor Todd Stashwick ("The Riches", "Heroes", "Revolution", "Supernatural", "Justified") and comic book artist, he-with-the-awesome-hair Dennis Calero ("X-Men Noir", Stephen King's "The Little Green God of Agony", digital "Legends of the Dark Knight: Riddler in the Dark" with writer Charles Soule).

Todd Stashwick and Dennis Calero
Currently going strong in the midst of its third chapter, "Devil Inside" was launched back in 2010, when the two men met while working on a webcomic for the cancelled NBC TV series "Heroes", and felt that they had so much in common. As an added bonus, they even meshed well in terms of creative ideas and so, they decided to put their talents to some solid story-telling in graphic form.

"Devil Inside" is basically about Jack Springheel aka the Devil, who blasted himself out from Hell on a personal journey to find more meaning to his existence. Perhaps after timeless eons of being, there may be more reasons to be good-er than bad-der after all? His imperious lover from Hell doesn't think so and Jack finds himself pursued by various forces. Unfortunately, running away from demons is not so easy when a young and troubled girl Sophie Hallow decides to tag along with him.

Red Dot Diva has been following the webcomic since the start of Chapter 1,  and "Devil Inside" has been one helluva wild ride!

One of Red Dot Diva's favourite moments at Comic-Con is catching up with Todd and Dennis at their Artist Alley booth. They are both super-nice and funny.... and give big warm hugs!

If neither webcomics nor reading online is your cup of tea, Todd and Dennis have good news! Chapters 1 and 2 are now available as paperbacks.

The paperback versions include a forward by actors Dana Gould and Amber Benson, concept sketches, fan art and an interview with the creators.

One thing interesting about "Devil Inside" is that there it is written and paced like a TV series. And on a regular basis, the team cast fellow celeb-friends as character photo references. For example, Minnie Driver is the face for Daisy, Azure Parsons as female protagonist Sophie Hallow, Dana John Gould - Lee Henry Mump, Roxana Ortega - Officer Ronnie Chantico and "Bones" actor TJ Thyne as Elliot Toft. Naturally, Todd Stashwick himself is lead character Jack Springheel, and Calero has cawed himself into position as Corvus.

In Chapter 2, each character's motivations became a little clearer as the chase for Jack heated up. Thrown into mix are the snarky dialogue, religious themes, theories of electro-magneticism and the science of geophysics. Absolutely delicious stuff, especially when it is paired with the sometimes blood-spattered, kinetic energy of Calero's artwork. And horrifyingly enough (or maybe not), Red Dot Diva finds the psychotic cannibal Mump beginning to grow on her. She thinks he has some of the more memorable scenes and *burp* ... lines.

Here's Todd giving an update on how the story has progressed in Book 2 (with Dennis being the greatest nodder ever!):

Red Dot Diva got her book copies (both nicely signed and sketched! YAYY!) when she was at Comic-Con in 2012 and 2013. Being a little old skool at times, Red Dot Diva loves that she has physical copies of her own to keep and collect.

Chapter 3 is still on play right now. And both Jack and his allies are still on the run. Jack may have to get ready to head back 'home' to make good a bargain, while in the latest episode, Sophie gets bugged by a certain jealous lady.

Both Todd and Dennis have agreed that as long as the fans keep reading "Devil Inside", they will continue to churn out the new chapters online. Red Dot Diva certainly hopes there will be even more devilish insights to Jack's journey for a few more years to come!


Click here to start reading "Devil Inside"!

And to help new readers get interested in "Devil Inside", Red Dot Diva has an online contest at her Facebook page.

Click here for the contest rules and mechanics. A random winner with the correct answer will receive two "Devil Inside" postcards!


To buy the Book 1 and Book 2 paperbacks, click here! (Scroll down)



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