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Game of Thrones Season 7: Diva Heads to Westeros at Cathay Cineleisure & Vivocity

The Iron Throne at Cathay Cineleisure

There may not be any "Game of Thrones" cast or crew members helping out with the Season 7 promotion in Red Dot Island this year, but there are still some pop-up activities that fans could take part in.

These events will only run from 15 to 16 July (Sat and Sun), and lead up to HBO Asia's Season 7 premiere which will air on 17 July morning, the same time as the U.S. telecast.

Red Dot Diva and Lannister Lion teamed up to check out two different parts of "Westeros" - Cathay Cineleisure and Vivocity.

For this weekend, Cathay Cineleisure hosts the Ice Throne and Iron Throne. A few weeks ago, both thrones were on display at Chevron House, Raffles Place.

Lannister Lion (aka Lanny) was over the moon to see his House banner all up and ready.

First things first, both Red Dot Diva and Lanny checked out the schedule before the activity area was opened to the public. Oooh. There were costumed characters, but they would only be making a appearance much later in the day.

Soon, the Ice Throne was unveiled for display. Too bad the weather was not kind to the ice sculpture and the spikes at the top of the throne were already quite melted down.

Still, it was very nicely crafted piece, and both Red Dot Diva and Lanny thought it looked quite awesome!

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A vigilant White Walker was eager to protect the Ice Throne at all costs though!

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Fans have a chance to also sit on the Iron Throne for a photo opportunity. The prop was a different one from the sturdier and more detailed throne placed at last year's activity area at ION, and folks were reminded not to hold on to the arm rests because they were quite fragile.

Perhaps, they are weak because Red Dot Diva has been scheming for ages to shatter the power grip of some houses...

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In any case, the throne's weak state did not stop Lannister Lion from taking it for himself!

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Encased in a ice block are also some precious loot that fans can try to get their hands on. Red Dot Diva made an attempt, and it was no mean feat for the block was very thick, and you were provided with only wooden spoons to crack open the ice in a time frame of 2 minutes per person. Not even regular young men were able to get to the goodies at first round while Diva was on site.

Red Dot Diva returned to Cathay Cineleisure later in the afternoon. By then, the costumed characters have arrived. There were Daenerys, Jon Snow, Cersei and generic palace guards.

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The people doing the airbrush tattoos were also there! Diva managed to snag one really nice one of the Lannister sigil. She noticed that most fans chose the one for Targaryen.

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She took a peek at the ice block of merchandise and it seems that most items were still intact. Maybe, the fans who make it down tomorrow will have better luck!


Over at Vivocity, a small section of the space outside Serenity Spanish Bar & Restaurant was transformed into a Westeros-style marketplace with a supplies store and blacksmith.

At the Provisions Store, go to one of the "merchants" or soldiers and take a trivia quiz consisting of three multiple choice questions. It was not too easy in order for them to sieve the GoT fans from those who have no clue what the show is about. If you are a hardcore Game of Thrones fan, you should be able to to score a Stark, Lannister or Targaryen supply pack of items to prepare for "war".

Red Dot Diva managed to get a Stark pack that includes a letter from Sansa Stark.

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Tyrion is not too concerned about the war though. Because he only drinks and knows things! Party on!

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Lannister Lion found it was just like home at marketplace... because... house sigil!

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It's a good thing he didn't know that the Night Watch was somehow in town too.

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They are usually found hanging around the Blacksmith.

Are they looking to procure some specially forged weapons? Like how did they even get Longclaw in there? Got Northen Pirate, ah? ;)

At about 5 to 6 PM each day, fans can answer one question and if they get it correct, they stand to win a life-sized replica Oathkeeper, Longclaw Sword, dragon eggs and more!

The friendly Starhub customer service folks are also around to sign up new subscribers or those who want to recontract. Red Dot Diva did not get all the details but if you sign up for a bundle with broadband, there are SGD250+ worth of goodies included. It might be worth checking it out if you want to sign up to HBO to watch "Game of Thrones" and have been thinking of getting a new provider!

The weather is turning colder and there is not much time to #PrepareForWar, so Red Dot Diva wanted to escort Lannister Lion back to the safety of his palace. Being the shrewd sneaky Lannister that he was, Diva found him gaining strong support from the ground on his own.

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He might survive Winter and the war after all!

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"Game of Thrones" Season 7 will premiere exclusively on HBO (StarHub TV Ch 601) at the same time as the U.S. -  9 AM on Monday, 17 July 2017. There will be a same day encore at 9 PM. The series will also be available via HBO on StarHub GO and HBO On Demand. The season will consist of 7 episodes.


Did you miss the "Game of Thrones" Pencil Microsculpture Exhibition by Salavat Fidai held at K+, Scotts Square, Singapore?

You can read more about Red Dot Diva's experience at the special exhibition here!

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