Monday, July 17, 2017

BREAKING: Mark Nagata and Ziqi Wu Announces Maxtoy x Monster Little Exclusive at STGCC 2017

** Burst of Rainbow Confetti!!! **

Here's a SPECIAL announcement from our Glam Bloggers Alliance toy specialist, Ed of toys-etc!


The countdown has begun over at Red Dot Diva, and with only 54 days to go, it's time to hustle for Singapore's only convention that matters. Of course, it's IMHO that you'll find another regional convention with a good mix bag of comics (Frank Cho!), toys (vinyl and resin stuff, folks! For fan service anime types, please head to you know where.) and cosplayers (OMG. Leon Chiro!). I'm cherry picking from the first wave of guest announcement, but seeing how it's STGCC's 10th anniversary, there will be more. Confirm guarantee chop.

Today, Red Dot Diva has the honour to reveal an exclusive collaboration between Mark Nagata of Maxtoy and Ziqi of Monster Little. Behold the gummy goodness of the Rainbow Dino!

The rainbow gradient, Mark Nagata's signature paint job, comes with black accents along the spine of the Puzzle Bobblesque platform. Personally, I do wish there were more black splotches to make this a dirtier, grittier sort of rainbow but it might be too much, considering there are still silver details on the teeth.

This rare species of kawaii appears, well, only once, and to coincide with the special edition of STGCC, there are only 10 pieces which are available only through lottery. The lottery will be held on 9th September (Sat). Get there early to grab one of the thirty coupons (each person has a 33.3% chance!). I'm certain there is more to the terms and conditions, and hopefully, crossing fingers, that there is a conscious effort to prevent scalping.

Now, as you check out the glittery finish on this funky prehistoric beast, ponder about its price tag ...
SGD 180 each.

On that note, Red Dot Diva announces that the Glam Bloggers Alliance (GBA) will prowl the STGCC convention grounds again this year, but with a difference. Ed of will be primarily helping out at Mark Nagata's booth, so the GBA will also lend an extra helping hand there from time to time!

Do come around to say hi... and buy stuff, of course!


About the artists:

Toy designer Mark Nagata of Max Toy Co is returning to STGCC as a guest this year. He is well known for his Japanese pop-culture inspired vinyl toys, especially his signature kaijus, but some may not know that he has also worked his artistic magic in various other areas like comics, movies, advertising and books. He is also an avid collector himself, with over 4,000 pieces of toys amassed through the years.

Singapore-based artist Ziqi Wu has been making waves in recent years with his eye-catching and kawaii designs under the name of Monster Little. Most of these creations consist of cute monsters like QiQi, RinRin and Bink Bink. Ziqi was the winner of STGCC's Art Concours Competition back in 2011, and since then, he has been a regular attendee as well as exhibitor at the convention. His designs come in various forms merchandise like postcards, t-shirts, bags, and vinyl toys.

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