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STGCC 2017: Comic Book Guests David Mack, Adi Granov, Sonny Liew & Mirka Andolfo Added to Lineup!

STGCC 2017 is creeping up on us, and if you have not been keeping up with the news, Reed has announced another list of guests recently. Don't worry, Red Dot Diva is here to recap the second wave of guest announcement.

This will be the third time Emmy and Eisner Award nominee David Mack will be back in Red Dot Island, and his booth has always been one of the busiest at the convention. He is also Red Dot Diva's all-time favourite, bicepstous artist. *Flex Flex!*

David Mack is the creator, author and artist for graphic novel series "Kabuki". He has also worked on cover art for the comics adaptation of Neil Gaiman's "American Gods", Marvel's "Daredevil" and "Jessica Jones", and collaborated with writer Chuck Palahniuk for "Fight Club 2 " in the comic book sequel to the cult hit movie.

His many award nominations include an Outstanding Main Title Design at the Emmys 2016 for Netflix series "Jessica Jones".  That award ultimately went to "The Man in the High Castle" but you have got to see David Mack's surreal and unforgettable visuals which he worked with studio Imaginary Forces and director Michelle Dougherty.

Don't miss popping by David Mack's booth to say hi and to check out his live drawing featuring his trademark Asian-inspired brushstrokes and flourishes. If you haven't read "Kabuki" yet, this is also a good time to grab a book and get it signed at STGCC!

Also returning to STGCC is Marvel conceptual designer and illustrator Adi Granov. He is well known for his design on the Iron Man: Extremis series and in the Iron Man and Avengers films, as well as "The Amazing Spider-Man" 2014 movie.

Adi Granov also has his hand in the upcoming "Avengers: Infinity War" and "Black Panther" movies too. Hopefully, Adi Granov might be able to reveal some tidbits about the films!

Star Wars fans who read the comics versions would already be familiar with Adi Granov's cinematic visual style. His artwork has graced the covers of several titles including "Star Wars: Darth Vader", and the remastered versions of "A New Hope," "The Empire Strikes Back" and "Revenge of the Jedi".

Next on the comics related guest list is Eisner Award winner and local creator Sonny Liew. It is about time Sonny is a featured guest of STGCC! *SQUEE*! 

Sonny Liew has been the limelight the last few years mainly because of the local controversy surrounding "The Art of Charlie Chan Hock Chye". The book has won the hearts and minds of many intellectual readers in Red Dot Island as well as overseas, hitting the New York Times and Amazon bestseller lists. The book was also the first graphic novel to win the Singapore Literature Prize.

Recently, Sonny Liew completed the run of DC Comics' "Doctor Fate" together with writer/editor and former DC Comics President, Paul Levitz. The comic book series which had rebooted the superhero in the form of Brooklyn med student Khalid Nassour, had garnered critical acclaim as original and daringly innovative.

Prior to "Doctor Fate" and "The Art of Charlie Chan Hock Chye", Sonny Liew has published his own creative work called "Malinky Robot" and anthology "Liquid City". He has also collaborated with Gene Luen Yang for "The Shadow Hero", the origin story about the first Asian American superhero.

Artist Mirka Andolfo has worked with several publishing houses like Dynamite and Top Cow, before joining the DC Comics creative team for "DC Comics Bombshells". After Greg Rucka's and Liam Sharp's departure from DC's Rebirth for "Wonder Woman", Mirka Andolfo was assigned to work on the next two issues together with writer Shea Fontana, complementing the storylines with her dynamic art style.

Mirka Andolfo has also created her own graphic novel series in Italy called "Sacro/ Profano", which means Sacred and Profane in English. You can probably guess what this comic might be about!

Japanese illustrator and graphic designer Teresa Chiba will be meeting fans and collectors at STGCC as well. Her vinyl toy designs, like Kibunadon the fish kaiju, and her latest dog-shaped design called Inu Harigon, are inspired by Japanese folk art. Teresa Chiba is also a painter featuring a style that mixes traditional Japanese motifs and cutesy manga ideas, and has produced various merchandise items like yukatas, under her own label called Production Genmu.

Red Dot Diva thinks her artistic concepts are rather unique. Just look at these kawaii Inu Harigon toys!

A post shared by Teresa Chiba (@teresachiba) on

Other STGCC guests in this second wave of announcement, include Kanzaki Hiro (real name: Hiroyuki Oda, a well-known anime illustrator and animator, whose work includes "My Little Sister Can't Be This Cute", "Rezen Maiden", and "Heroman". He also produces music using the name of Hanasoumen-P.

Joining the list of cosplayers like Leon Chiro and Shimo, are gamer and model Iori Moe who is popular for her sexy cosplays, as well as HK-based personality Siutao. All of these cosplayers are visiting Red Dot Island for the first time, so do give them a warm welcome at the convention!

Talking about Leon Chiro (yum, yum!), Red Dot Diva has an interview feature with the hunky model coming up soon. Look out for it!

Who's impatient for the third wave of STGCC guest announcements? Red Dot Diva is pretty sure that's going to happen in a couple of weeks too!


STGCC 2017
When: 9 - 10 September 2017
Where: Sands Expo & Convention Centre, Halls D/ E/ F (Basement 2)
Tickets: Various prices, depending on your whether you want the VIP tickets, or just want to access certain areas, like the gaming hall, and the Akiba zone, which caters mainly to cosplayers. Check out the list at this link.

Do note that online prices are a few dollars cheaper than buying them on site during the convention weekend. So get your tickets now!

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