Friday, September 12, 2014

STGCCBiceps Instagram Photo Contest - Winners Announced!

During this year's STGCC, the Glam Bloggers Alliance (GBA) held an Instagram photo contest with the topic on STGCCBiceps.

There were some really fun ones posted by attendees, and the GBA thanks those who participating and joining in the fun!

Congratulations to the three winners of the contest showing off their glorious STGCCBiceps!!

First Prize - @salihinsuran
PHWOAAARR! Those impressive biceps are a WIN!

Second Prize - @jaelurp
Love the commitment and the biceps pose with her Groot! ;)

Third Prize - @jeddthejedi 
GBA couldn't t resist these female Superheroes and their Superpowered Biceps!

Do contact Red Dot Diva via email regarding collection of the prizes, if you haven't already done so.

Before Diva ends this post, she would like to provide readers with a Super-Duper Bicepstuous parting gift, courtesy of a Very Special STGCC Guest.

Herrreeeeee's Jarius King aka @MOGDance (folks may have spotted him at his pal Alex Solis' booth during the convention!) proving that his seriously sinewy biceps are firm enough to balance a styrofoam cup:


Now, try beating that!! ;)

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