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Noise Singapore 2014 Showcase: Eclectic Expressions of the Whimsical and Weird at ION Basement 4

For those who are not aware, the art showcase for Noise Singapore is currently going on at ION Basement 4 this year!

There are only a few days left as the exhibition wraps up on 14 September. So, if one has time this week, do head down to the open area near Muji/ Jason's supermarket, any time from 10 AM to 9 PM, to admire some visually interesting works of art.

Noise Singapore, an initiative set up by the National Arts Council, aims to promote young artists, which include photographers, film-makers and musicians as well. Throughout most parts of the year, Noise Singapore had held workshops and concerts held to help create more buzz for these new artists. They could, after all, one day create something that might make the world sit up and take notice.

Red Dot Diva dropped by the exhibition the next day after it opened. There were actually fewer primary-coloured photographic or art pieces compared to last year. From what Diva recalls, the previous year's tone had more of a superheroes, pop-culturey theme.

It didn't mean that the display this year was less innovative, to Red Dot Diva, it seemed that the showcase have been curated with a more unusual, monsterish or whimsical image in mind.

Here are some downright weird art which were actually pretty cool:

Almost Martian by siddwills

Chips Monster by Dahlia Loren

There were also several portrait type (one of them was a very good likeness of Chow Yun Fatt's character from Pirates of the Caribbean, the nefarious Singapore pirate Sao Feng) ....

Portrait drawing by Chong Yi

.... and architectural drawings and paintings that were so detailed, Red Dot Diva wondered if one's pair of eyes could go blind completing just one piece. But one of the most fun ones with tiny tiny strokes is this (magic?? hehe) mushroom mountain of black cats!

Mushroom Tree by sesameseedcat

Then, there were the gorgeous lush paintings displayed by Zu Orzu, which were reminiscent of a mish-mash of Red Dot Diva's favourite artists - David Mack and Bill Sienkiewicz. If you are not familiar with those two artists, Google them! ;)

An Introduction by Zu Orzu

What's really unique about this year's display though, were the art installations placed in modular furniture chests called "Drawers of Curiosity". Pull out the drawers from each corner of the chest, one by one, and creative surprises lie within like hidden treasures.

Red Dot Diva loves the one that contained a mini carousel....

By Natalia Eugenia Ow

And then, there was one that had layers of finely-cut white paper which reminded her of vintage French lace.

By Natalia Eugenia Ow
A small display case promoted some of the artists art which could be purchased. They included specially made postcards, a graphic novel on music in the local scene during the 50's/ 60's, and these cute fabric cats and crochet guppies!

Not only were there drawings and paintings, there were also several photographs consisting of HDB and touristy scenes, which encapsulate a moment of time in one evocative camera shot.

Toward the end of the exhibition area, was a raised platform with cushions, paper and pencils for doodlers to while their time, but Red Dot Diva decided not to agonize others with her lack of artistic talent, and decided to head back to the office.

The Noise Singapore showcase was a nice short walkaround. For one thing, it served to break the visual monotony of mass market items hawked in the numerous retail stores in the Orchard Road district.


To assist Noise Singapore in their efforts to encourage young people to get innovative with their creative works, Red Dot Diva would like to offer readers a chance to to win a unique piece of artwork by 3 featured artists.

This year, a project by DDB Worldwide called Degree, has collaborated with local artists through Noise Singapore to help promote young local creative talent. The first 3 Noise artists to showcase their works through Degree are:

Kolarge aka Amsyar Ashaary
Graphic designer Kolarge's collages are canvases of odd dreamworlds that are stem from his own inner thoughts and memories. His experimental work of collage-making in 2011 has now progressed to a passion on its own as he continues to work in multi-disciplinary design ideas.

Tanky aka Kwang Yang 
A Singapore-based illustrator and comic artist, Tanky takes inspiration from things around him. His drawings consist of images from heritage shophouses, Merlions and even, the Haw Par Villa. Tanky hopes to one day be able to launch his own comic featuring memorable characters.

Puffingmuffin aka Candace Phang
Also based in Singapore, is illustrator and character designer Puffingmuffin, who also admits that she is a "doodle addict". Her quirkly oddly-shaped but adorable creations are full of flair and inhabit colourful fantastical worlds. 

Their limited artworks can be purchased at the Noise Singapore exhibition at ION from now till 14 September, or online at

5 lucky readers will each stand to win some Noise Singapore related prizes. The Grand Prize Winner will win a set of 6 exclusive limited edition posters! (Refer to the first 6 images in this link for what is included in a set -

Here is what one needs to do:

1. Share this Noise Singapore 2014 Festival visual below on your Facebook or Twitter

2. Make sure it's a public post/ account, and hashtag the shared posts with #NoiseSingapore #reddotdiva
3. Include a caption/ comment on why you love Noise Singapore

Terms and Conditions:
- Each person may submit as many posts on Facebook and Twitter as they like.
- Each post on each medium counts as one entry.
- However, each person may only win one prize.
- Winners will be randomly selected. The selected winners will be contacted through Facebook and/ or Twitter to get their details
- The contest ends on 24 September 9 PM Singapore time
- Only residents of Singapore are eligible for this contest.
- Prizes subject to change as they are from Noise Singapore. More updates later as to what are the prizes for the 4 non-Grand Prize winners.

Ready to win a piece of art for your own?
Start sharing about Noise Singapore 2014 now! 



For folks who are more aural in nature, check out the 18 young musical acts who were selected to join Noise Singapore's The Music Mentorship Programme!

Some of the mentors in the programme included Producer-Singer-Songwriter Don Richmond, established musician Daniel Sassoon and Brandon Khoo of top Singaporean band, The UnXpected.

These 18 bands/ singers/ songwriters will be showcased in a special 3-day concert held at the Esplanade's Outdoor Theatre and Concourse from September 12 to 14, at different times during the evenings!

Check out the concert listings at this link to see which bands you could rock out to!

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