Friday, September 5, 2014

STGCC 2014: Media Preview at The Vault - Geek Casual is In!

Geeky-casual is how Red Dot Diva would sum up the Media Preview for STGCC 2014, held at the Vault on 4 September Thursday morning.

This year, the venue for the Media Preview had changed from the stiff swanky upper-class poshness of MBS' meeting rooms to a pub known for geeky drink gatherings at historic Boat Quay. In fact, there were Harry Potter and Middle Earth posters placed in some corners of the room.

Humberto Ramos, Alex Solis, Matt "Sekure" Fabris and cosplayer Lenneth XVII were the special convention guests ready to meet the bunch of media at the preview. It was with great fortune that Red Dot Diva got introduced to the master artist Humberto Ramos as he got of his transport outside the Vault.

Inside the Vault, the convention exclusives were displayed for everyone to have a look at, including those from Hot Toys, Mighty Jaxx and all the others.

Both Ed from and Agent W were hauled for official photographer duties during the Media Preview, and Red Dot Dude had helped ferry a couple of the guests from their hotel to the Vault, so it was up to Red Dot Diva to do her glam social media thing.

Here's Ed's quickie write-up about the couple of hours that happened that day:


STGCC 2014: Media Preview 

If something must be said about the Media Preview for STGCC 2014, it would be that it is the start of something awesome. Gone are the stiff chairs and the equally tedious formality, only to be replaced by a casual lounging experience that had the accompaniment of finger food that was not some sad afterthought. It felt cool.

The guests sat around and mingled, and if we felt displaced by unfamiliarity initially, that was quickly replaced by shameless geekiness. Evidently, Red Dot Diva led the blaze with her phoenix crown while Agent W and I went behind our lenses and rather promptly at 11.05am, the Preview at The Vault began.

Red Dot Diva: Poor Alex Solis looked so lonely as he settled himself on a sofa at the back of the room. Diva had to go "entertain" him. *big grin* He had been prepared by Reed's Rita Magnus about our "awesome bad behaviour" and was already familiar with our Twitter handles. Alex was super-friendly, funny and so adorbs! He had been late for his transport to the Vault because his friends had taken him out drinking and they had some copious amounts of pretty strong beer!

There was the usual light banter and a couple of questions directed at each of the guests. It was unusually brief followed by an orgy of a selfie moment, where again a certain red head appeared again. I swear I do not have an obsession and it's just her super power.

Red Dot Diva: It was kinda strange. No one really wanted to really close with the guests on stage, and there was this huge space in between Matt/ Lenneth and the rest, so Diva thought that spot was calling out for her special brand of geekgirl glamour. See??? :D

Mental note to self: Alex Solis is quite the joker. The next segment would have been the round table interview, which has turned out awkward in the past when you get tossed into an unprepared group of interviewers but the stale format is replaced.

The guests did their thing and we could ask questions at any moment, making it so incredibly stress-free.

Red Dot Diva: Humberto was superb at multi-tasking. He was drawing with confident strokes and fielding interview questions at the same time. Diva and Ed could not help but wonder though if the Spider-Man pose he drew was kinda deliberate. Hmmmm.....

Alex Solis was also a quick hand. His Chunkie Spidey was an exercise of superpowered-cuteness! Ahhhh!

Then, there was young, handsome Sekure sitting on a couch at the end of the room with some of the media. It was trickier for him to do actual art on the sneakers while answering questions, but there was a sample with him, and it looked absolutely awesome.

Matt "Sekure" Fabris and his sneaker art

Spideys -- by both Alex Solis and Humberto Ramos
Red Dot Diva: Diva didn't get to really talk to Lenneth as Diva was sooooooooooo distracted by all the handsome biceps.

How to concentrate???
I've done my homework so I could concentrate on what's important - the food. There were wedges and tiny burgers and chicken balls.  The sweet momentum meant everything was over in less than 90 mins. If this is truly the preview to a new STGCC, then I'm on board!

Red Dot Diva: It is a definitely a sign that STGCC is becoming a more comfortable gathering for pop-culture geeks. Diva loves that she is able to geekout as well as do her press stuff at the same time, and yet hangout with geek pals. Much Approve!


It is now already Day 1 afternoon of STGCC. If one a pop-culture love and is not here yet, head over the MBS Convention Centre ASAP! The convention is still running tomorrow Sunday, 7 Sep as well.
Don't miss it!

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