Friday, September 5, 2014

Hanging Out All Casual and Threadless at Lowercase Cafe with Alex Solis

When one of e-commerce site Threadless' most popular artist is in town, how can there not be a drink-and-draw party to battle pencil strokes with?

On 4 September Thursday nite, Threadless dude Jeff Guerrero and Chunkies-meister Alex Solis (who is absolutely not chunky at all, mind you) together with their pal "King Genius" Jarius, hosted a casual hangout at Lowercase Cafe. The cool-hip bistro-cafe was cozily situated within the belly of LaSalle College of the Arts.

The three adorable charmers kept fans, geeks, art/ design students and fellow artists warmly entertained with a free-flow of beer, freebies (stashes of Threadless pins and mini sketchbooks) and a whole lot of fun conversation.

Red Dot Diva, Ed, Agent W and Jas were all there at the party to wind down for the day. Not long after, IDW artist Mark Torres (who just hopped off from his plane ride!) joined the gang together with pals, Kim and Fripside. There were other Threadless fans from Philippines and Malaysia, who came and hung out at Lowercase too.

It wasn't a very big group that night, but enough mischief was created that night, especially when livewire Jarius got to being sassy in a superbly friendly manner. Also, it was so SOOOOOOOO good to see and catch up with Mark Torres again!

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Alex Solis, although still catching up from jetlag and an early morning start for the STGCC Media Preview that day, was in good spirits and humour as he downed more beer and drew sketches.

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One may ask, what's the price of a sketch from the bicepstuous moustachioed talented cutie?

Well.. it was one of your sketch for one of his.

Hence, Red Dot Diva had to agonizingly exude out some kind of miserable drawing from those coloured pencils (No, she will not reveal what she drew!) ... just to get what she really wanted from Alex -- a sketch of a Baby Cthulhu.

A WHAT? was Alex's initial reaction. He wasn't familiar with the creature although after some description and a photo of the H.P. Lovecraft character, he somewhat recalled having seen a Cthulhu before.

"Why you always have to be so weird?" he ribbed at Red Dot Diva good-naturedly. She simply returned him a shrug and an evil grin.

With clean deft strokes, he then drew her the most adorable Baby Cthulhu ever. SQUEE!

Half-way through the night, a mini raffle took place, and almost everyone won prizes it seemed, except for Mark T and Kim. Aww the poor things!! Like many others, Red Dot Diva managed to snag a special Threadless tee that could not be purchased from the website.

The rest of the night was spent connecting and catching up with other like-minded people, as Alex gamely sketched for some more fans.

By then, the very cool Jarius, who confessed that he could do many artistic things like dance or sculpt but could not draw, was becoming one of Red Dot Diva's and Jas' "favourite people". And a plus PLUS factor about Jarius? Just look at this photographic evidence below. (Note: Ed is still trying to get over the sight of these.)

About 9 PM when things were about to wrap up, almost everyone piled on stage to take a group photo.

Then, it was time to head off in different directions. Many were going to continue partying at Flabslab with other toy artists like Aaron Martin, but Red Dot Diva decided to call it a night as she was fast acquiring a nasty headache and had to head in to work the next day.

So after several rounds of BIG hugs with promises to see each other at STGCC, the Threadless party ended on a wonderful note. It was a fantastic fun night, and Red Dot Diva hopes that some of these new friendships will continue for years to come!

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