Monday, February 10, 2014

AXN Asia's Very Special "Sherlock" Screening Marathon on 23 February!

For the last few years, the latest and most comtemporary incarnation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's book character Sherlock Holmes has taken pop-culture audiences around the world by storm.

The BBC TV series created by Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss, and simply entitled "Sherlock", stars Brit fan favourites Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman.

Red Dot Diva has to be confess: she is not a big fan of the series. Being a hardcore ACD book nerd, she has her own personal reasons for not enjoying the new "Sherlock" as much as she thinks she should. But, there is one thing she cannot fault about the series - the solid acting of Cumberbatch and Freeman (and many of the other supporting/ guest actors).... And the silver foxiness of Inspector Lestrade/ Rupert Graves .... *bites quivering lower lip*

A Hot Inspectory Silver Fox

After a hiatus of two years, the premiere for Series 3 was only just recently aired in the UK on January 2014, with a long awaited explanation on how Sherlock managed to escape death after a tense showdown with the Joker-like Moriarity (Andrew Scott) in "The Reichenbach Fall".

In the two long years before the start of "The Empty Hearse", Watson has been grieving over the loss of Sherlock. He has also managed to find a new love - Mary Morstan and have moved out of the Baker Street apartment. Things are definitely going to get interesting when Sherlock suddenly returns and reunites with Watson to help save the British parliament from a terrorist attack.

To help "Sherlock" fans get their fix and answers before the series premieres on cable, AXN Asia will be holding a very special screening marathon a fortnight from now! The first ever "Sherlock" TV Series marathon in Red Dot Island!

Lucky winners of the AXN Asia online contest (already concluded on 9 Feb) will get to watch Series 1 and 2 of "Sherlock" and the 1st episode of Series 3, "The Empty Hearse". The event is a partnership between AXN Asia, The Shaw Organization and Power 98 FM.

Here are the details of the marathon:
Date: Sunday, February 23rd 2014
Venue: Shaw Theatres, Lido
Time: 9 AM to 10 PM

There will be goodie bags, free flow of drinks + popcorn, lunch, tea break and dinner served during the 13-hour marathon, which will be hosted by DJs from Power 98 FM. Plus, the chance to win prizes of up to SGD 3,500 in value! And a chance to meet your fellow local Sherlockians or CumberB*tches!

Oh!! Pssstttt!! With some quick sleuthing Red Dot Diva has found out that the online contests run by Starhub and Shaw Organization are still open!

Get your high-functioning fan mode in gear and HURRY! Click to these links to get the chance to win tickets to the marathon.

- Starhub Contest
- Shaw Contest

For those who are unable to attend the screening marathon, just make sure you tune in to the first and exclusive premiere of "Sherlock" Series 3 on AXN Asia!

Date: February 27; 2014 - Every Thursday at 10 PM (SG/ MY)
Channel: AXN, StarHub TV Channel 511

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