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Diva's Top 5 Favourite Versions of Disney's "Let It Go" From "Frozen"

Just about everyone knows how memorable Disney songs can be. Sung not only by the heroines in the animated movies, the tunes are regaled by villains, woodland creatures, enchanted pieces of household items and even bright-red crustaceans.

So it was no surprise that there was a hit song which emerged from Disney's latest hit movie, "Frozen".

The movie itself took a different turn from past Disney tales, focusing on the bonds of sisterhood and other feminist themes, rather than just a fairytale romance. However, as groundbreaking as some of the progressive plotlines were, Red Dot Diva thought "Frozen" had its flaws - like the lack of Elsa time and other than that one song in particular, she felt that the rest of the soundtrack was pretty forgettable.

That one song was Elsa's liberating theme song "Let It Go", belted out by Idina Menzel, who has won a Tony Award winner for her portrayal of Elphaba in "Wicked".

Little girls from all over the world (many of which had the chance to listen to the song sung in their own native language!) and women, took to the anthem like moths to a flame. Even many men (fathers of daughters, especially) fell prey to the song's strong musical hook and message.

Since then, several interesting interpretations of "Let It Go" have surfaced online, each giving the song a different twist and meaning.

Here's Red Dot Diva's Top 5 favourite versions of "Let It Go"

1. The Original from "Frozen" - by Idina Menzel
No words necessary. This was the version which sparked the recent wave of inspiration. And Idina's strong voice together with the terrific animated sequence was the highlight of the movie.

2. The Alex Boyé (Africanized Tribal Cover) Ft. One Voice Children's Choir
Red Dot Diva thinks this version by singer-songwriter Alex Boyé is the most lavishly and beautifully inspired.

There was a cherubic children's choir, the joyous beats of the African tribal drums and vocals.... Plus, that amazing powerhouse voice from the pretty 11-year-old lead singer named Lexi Walker!! Gosh, Diva was so blown away by her rendition!

And all of that wrapped up in a gorgeously styled (Koko Blush & Co) and wonderfully produced  music video set in a snow "castle" (directed by Masa Fukuda)!

Don't believe how good it is? Just check this out -- like almost 18 million other people who have already done so in the past couple of weeks!

The song is available for purchase and download from Alex Boyé's website and on iTunes!

3. Let It Go (Disney's "Frozen") Vivaldi's Winter - The Piano Guys
The Piano Guys have always been very creative in their interpretations of pop and classical songs. And Red Dot Diva was wondering when they would join in the "Let It Go" craze.

Just as she was about to post her thoughts out loud on Twitter, she spotted a post by The Piano Guys' releasing their latest instrumental mash-up of "Winter", a Baroque classic by Vivaldi from "The Four Seasons", with the Disney hit tune!

The version stirs up a dramatic play of emotions with a driving tempo amidst a windy-wintry backdrop (the same one used by Alex Boye). And Diva has to mention that she thought the white cello Steven Sharp Nelson is playing is very cool too!

Click here to get the tune!

4. Let It Go - Male Vocal Cover - Caleb Hyles
Red Dot Diva never thought the Disney song could sound so good when the singer is a male... Until now!

Caleb Hyles, an American singer, proves that delivering the song with male angst and a strong intense rock style works for the song too! Even the high notes of the chorus and the finale did not faze him.


5. Disney's Frozen "Let It Go" Violin Cover - Jun Sung Ahn
Classically-trained Korean musician JunCurryAhn has performed a super-exquisite violin cover of "Let It Go".

Jun is quite a hit on YouTube. And the way he manages to coaxes the violin to mimic Elsa's vocal emotions is amazing.

Oh, and here's a final bonus video just for laughs. If you ever wondered how "Let It Go" would have sounded like if it were sung by other female divas and pop-stars, wonder no more!

Comedian Christina Bianco shows us how differently the song could have been.
(Red Dot Diva especially enjoyed the very Brit and posh Adele version ;) )

"Let It Go" has been nominated for Best Original Song at this year's Oscars.
Are you rooting for it?

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