Sunday, February 2, 2014

Noise Singapore 2014 Is Calling For Submissions!

Red Dot Diva first noticed something called Noise Singapore back in 2012, when she stumbled upon an artistic showcase held at a space in ION's Basement level during her lunch hour.

The next year, the exhibition returned to ION Basement. This time, it had expanded to include a section on photography. She also noticed, that the level of art drawings were even better and visually memorable, like those manga-steampunk-mecha ones by NAFA graduate Gilang Andrian, and the cute very tongue-in-cheek ones, like the Milo Dinosaur by PuffingMuffin or the whimsically illustrated Enimalphabets by Aderyl Tan.

The free postcards promoting Noise Singapore 2013 were prettier than the previous year's too. It was too bad that Red Dot Diva missed out on the t-shirt giveaways but hey, maybe she will have a chance this year! (Dear Noise Singapore, will there be free t-shirts again?)

Because Noise Singapore is set to be back in 2014, creating more noise and more exposure for young artists. In fact, the initiative which is set up by the National Arts Council, is now calling for submissions.

If you are aged 18-25 and have a creative-artistic talent everyone or no one really knows about, why not send in your portfolio and entries for the Open Categories and perhaps, join The Mentorship Programmes? There are two Mentorship Programmes - The Apprentice Programme (TAP) and The Music Mentor Programme (TMM), with a total of 32 industry mentors, who will inspire and impart their knowledge to the participants.

Red Dot Diva is sure that with such a focused interest as well as a good budget to boost signals in key venues like ION, Singapore Art Museum and the Esplanade, those selected for Noise Singapore 2014 will enjoy a good level exposure for their creative works.

In addition, to the physical 3-week showcase, there will also be an online showcase for those selected in the Open Categories this year. This would mean the public can view and listen to these entries on the internet anytime, all year long! Shiok, yah?

So all interested young creators (Art & Design, Photography, Music) out there, do send in your entries and submissions online at You can do that throughout the year.

And if you are interested in the Mentor programmes, the deadline for being an apprentice artist/musician is 9 February. Do submit your applications here!

Red Dot Diva can't wait to see your artistic creations or hear of your musical success if you are selected for Noise 2014. Feel free to drop her a message at the RDD Facebook Page if you are one this year's participants. She would love to hear from you!


For even more details about Noise Singapore 2014, head on to this link.

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