Sunday, February 23, 2014

Heroes Reborn!! NBC Revives Show With Mini-Series To Air in 2015!

By all accounts, it was going to be a lazy Sunday with Red Dot Diva expecting to be peacefully Home Alone, enjoying her braincells turning into mush before another hectic work week begins.

But it was not meant to be.

Around noon Red Dot Island time, her Twitter feed exploded with news of "Heroes Reborn". NBC has decided to use the Winter Olympics coverage to air a special teaser. The network was going to reboot the popular TV series "Heroes" with a 13-episode mini-series 2015 produced by creator Tim Kring, complete with a new set of characters and very possibly, some of the fan faves from the original series.

If you are not aware of the show, "Heroes" began on air in 2006 and was about a group of super-powered individuals battling against themselves, other beings with abilities and a shady company called Primatech. After four seasons, the series was cancelled in 2010, leaving fans with an unresolved cliffhanger.

The iconic series was groundbreaking in the TV world then. Its stories were conceived, presented and told in a comic-book style. Other than "Smallville" which was about young Clark Kent, there was a lack of shows of that genre in those days.

The cast consisted of a group of largely unknown or not very well-known actors. Despite of that, Red Dot Diva saw how "Heroes" took all sorts people's imagination by storm. She knows of many females who became interested in the graphic novels medium after they got hooked by the series. And goddess knows how many men were eager to "Save the Cheerleader". ;)

During the time when "Heroes" was on air, many cast members, writers and people from the production crew like @Wendilynnmakeup and @JamesProps interacted with the fans regularly. Even though there were different opinions, and "competing" fanships (Mylar, all the way. BTW!), it was like one big happy family across the globe. Not since the X-Files days have Red Dot Diva managed to find another bunch of new friends and geeks, and even now, she still counts many of them as close friends and some are like sisters to her.

NBC had tried to start a spinoff back in 2007, announcing something called "Heroes: Origins" which was also supposed to be directed by fan favourites like Kevin Smith and gore-meister Eli Roth. Many did not seem to like the idea. And sadly, the idea did not come to pass.

Now that almost four years have gone since "Heroes" was cancelled, NBC is trying to revive the Heroes universe again with "Heroes Reborn".

Check out the teaser here:

Red Dot Diva was curious to know what the fandom thought of the reboot. On a whole, most of the Heroes fandom seemed happy with the news, but many who enjoyed the series, like Diva herself, were more "cautiously optimistic".

Here are some of the interesting fan reactions from Diva's Twitter feed (click for larger view):

By late night, some of the cast members took to commenting about the surprise news on Twitter (click for larger view):

Red Dot Diva is intrigued about the use of the word "Reborn" in the name of the upcoming mini-series. Are the new characters from the future, and even more genetically-engineered based from powers possessed by the original group? What does the Eclipse actually mean and do? (Thanks to @journeygoddess who mentioned that.) Will we ever know how "future" Peter Petrelli got his scar? Will Horn-Rimmed Glasses still be in style?

NBC states that the storyline of the standalone mini-series will be "appropriately shrouded in secrecy" till nearer its air-date in 2015. However, the network will introduce the new characters and storylines via a digital series which will be launched prior to the premiere

Good move, NBC. The fandom of "Heroes" is its mainstay and a powerful connective force. Keep us engaged and Yatta!!! the mini-series might end up being a hit.

And please please please Do Not sacrifice on the basics - which is a darn good and creative script! Enough years have passed that the pop-culture landscape has changed. There is a mass (mess?) of superheroes on TV and movies recently and CW's "Arrow" has overtaken the entire lot in terms of story-writing, characterization and action in the airwaves. "Heroes Reborn" will have much to prove to the current generation of viewers.

On another separate note though, wouldn't this be a really good excuse for NBC and NerdHQ to do something "Heroes" related at this year's SDCC? Red Dot Diva will be totally up for this!


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