Sunday, June 30, 2013

A Quickie Report: Marvel Artist Dexter Soy At Invasion!

Pic credit: Invasion! Toys & Collectibles
An up-and-coming comic artist dropped into town this weekend!

Dexter Soy, a Filipino artist currently working on Marvel, met his fans at Invasion! Toys & Collectibles this past Friday and Saturday.

Red Dot Diva had prior commitments and was unable to attend the event, so she activated Million Dollar Smile aka Red Dot Dude to cover the event.

From all accounts, Dexter is a rather quiet soul. But Red Dot Diva surmises that not many words are really necessary when there is fabulous artwork!

Here's Red Dot Dude's quickie report:


It has been a crazy week. From that awful haze-pocalypse, to hail storms and people fighting over MacDonald's Hello Kitty.

Adding to the week's craziness, Invasion! Toys & Collectibles has invited Dexter Soy for a store signing event over the weekend.

Dexter Soy is the current artist for Marvel’s Uncanny X-Force, and has also worked with Kelly Sue Deconnick for "Captain Marvel" and Christos Gage for "Superior Spider-Man" (AU). A pretty impressive resume as he only started with Marvel late last year.

I arrived at the shop at around 2 pm-ish and there was already a small crowd gathered around Dexter. I saw the regular comic gang but was pleasantly surprised at the many new faces there.

A distinctly much younger geek crowd was hanging around the shop, talking about comics and admiring the sketches that Dexter was dishing out. It brought me back to years ago when Harvey Tolibao was in town and we all hanged out, talking about comics and admiring artworks.

And there were also Dexter's beautiful art prints - like this Red Dot Island-ic Spider-man one - available for purchase.

Pic credit: Invasion! Toys & Collectibles

All in all, it was a laid back event, but I'm sure everyone went home happy and satisfied.

You can catch more of Dexter’s awesome artworks at Deviantart and more photos of the event at Invasion’s Facebook page.


Thanks to Andre the Red Dot Dude for the write-up and photos!

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