Sunday, June 23, 2013

Are You Ready To Nerd Out At Nerd HQ 2013?

And finally the first stream of Nerd HQ news we have been impatiently waiting for, is here!

The folks at Nerd Machine have announced that this year's Nerd HQ will return during Comic-Con week, and will be held at Petco Park!

The ballpark - home of the San Diego Padres - is situated diagonally opposite the San Diego Convention Centre (near the tram station) and just a few blocks away from Hilton San Diego Bayfront.

By the way, zombies would be at Petco Park too for the Walking Dead Escape on Jul 19 and 20. So Beware of the undead!!

Petco Park

With a much larger venue, Red Dot Diva imagines that there may be a line-up of interactive and dynamic activities planned for the fans, in addition to the the usual events like the more intimate panels with fan favourites, creative people and celebs (last year there were Nathan Fillion, Joss Whedon, Seth Green, Stan Lee - just to name a few!), autograph signing sessions and parties. She would hedge a bet that most probably, the popular Nerd HQ photo booth will be back too!

Entry into Nerd HQ will still remain FOC. However, this year's tickets to the intimate "Conversations for a Cause" panels will be at USD 22 each (it was USD 20 last year), and all proceeds will again benefit charity organization, Operation Smile. Last year, a total of USD 140,000 was raised $140,000 for Operation Smile. Nerd HQ is a superb way of combining geekery, interaction with stars, and charity.

NerdHQ 2012
Red Dot Diva's first experience a Nerd HQ was during Comic-Con 2012 week, and even though she heard so many good things about it, she was caught by surprise at how much "at home" she felt once she stepped into the venue. Despite the gaming noise, loud music, video screens and all the various moving parts, Nerd HQ made this nerdette feel like she belonged.

She was lucky enough to catch Zachary Levi during a short impromptu signing session at Nerd HQ. She had ran all the way from the convention centre to the Gaslamp venue (no mean feat, she can tell ya!), and found that the signing session was considered "closed". The lady managing the lines allowed her to contribute her donation for the session anyway, and asked her to head up the stairs to the 2nd level.

At the landing, Red Dot Diva was stopped by Mr Security person. Despite Mr Security looking quite stern, he was considerate enough to ask Zac if he would oblige with one more last signing.

Zac - all very tall, and kind, and friendly - flashed that big trademark smile of his and waved her in. Still smiling, he affably shook her hand and signed her "Chuck" postcard.

Red Dot Diva took the chance to tell him where she was from and what a fantastic job he and his Nerd Machine crew are doing with Nerd HQ (i.e. putting Nerdom into action through charity). Zac  put both his hands to his heart and said, "Thank you! I am so glad you see that. It really makes me happy to know that you all understand what this is all about."

And after which, Red Dot Diva burst into a cloud of pink estrogen.

NerdHQ Tomb Raider panel 2012
Oh, and if you haven't caught last year's Tomb Raider panel yet, Red Dot Diva was one of those fans who had her question answered! W000t!

Click here to watch the Nerd HQ 2012: Tomb Raider panel:
» Nerd HQ On-Demand: Tomb Raider The Nerd Machine

The event details for this year's Nerd HQ have yet to be released. They are usually announced once the official ones for Comic-Con goes out to the masses two weeks before convention week. And then, one has to get their fingers quick and ready to book the Nerd HQ panel tickets online. They sell out SUPER quickly!

Whether one scores panel tickets or not, it is going to be another awesome Nerd HQ this year at the new venue, Petco Park.

Red Dot Diva can feel it in her bones!


Want to connect with the other Nerds at this year's Nerd HQ or at Comic-Con?
Head on to the Nerd Machine Community forum!

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