Monday, June 17, 2013

STGCC 2013: First Wave of Guest Announcements!

Red Dot Diva received an email yesterday morning that gave her chills.

The totally squeally kind of happy thrill-chills. 'Coz the email contained the first wave of official guest announcements for this year's STGCC!

For some weeks now, her friends have lamented about the lack of updates and were fidgety for any kind of info. Although bits and pieces, and some rather obvious hints have filtered through the Internet.

A few weeks back, Red Dot Diva's aquaintance, local cosplayer Victoria noticed and posted an announcement that was on Vampy Bit Me's website. The popular US-based cosplayer had listed her upcoming appearances and mentioned Singapore. By that, one could already put one's money down that she would be here for STGCC.

And Red Dot Diva's knew some people who knew some things but were sworn to secrecy. To give them credit, they were pretty respectful of the knowledge they had, and most of news not been leaked in a "Stomp" kind of way.

Now, who are the other guests announced that got Red Dot Diva's in a tizzy?

Pic by Allan Amato
Firstly, there is award-winning artist, writer/ creator David Mack!!

Not only does he boast of a very unique visual and cross-medium art-style, David is also a rather physical and bicepstuous being. Red Dot Diva also thinks David just kills it when he chooses to draw with Japanese/ Chinese brushes.

David is well-known for his "Kabuki" graphic novel and was recently working on Marvel's "Daredevil". And if you are a huge fan of the TV series "Dexter", you would notice David's artwork scattered all over the sets like those in Dexter's apartment, art pieces used by the "Doomsday Killer". David was also the illustrator of a couple of the "Dexter : Early Cuts" webisodes. That's not all. David has done work for music videos and music album designs too. - Phew -

Sometimes nosy Red Dot Diva has difficulty even keeping track of where David is because he's zipping around the world doing talks, signings, art shows and conventions. As if he has his very own secret teleporter!

Red Dot Diva knows he'll be a fabulous guest to have for STGCC. So do give him a warm welcome, local peeps.

The man who designed those iconic Iron Man’s red and gold armour will be here in Red Dot Island for the convention! (Comic book fans -- you can Squee now. Yes, Manly Squees are allowed too!)

Adi Granov's artwork in the well-known Marvel comic book series "Iron Man: Extremis" (written by Warren Ellis) was what inspired director Jon Favreau to hire Adi as conceptual designer and illustrator for for the "Iron Man" movies.

He has also been working closely as a consultant with local toy company Play Imaginative regarding packaging and designing for their "Iron Man" figurines.


Beautiful, sexy and talented, USA-based Vampire Bit Me's presence at the convention will totes increase the temperature level at MBS by several notches. Besides her gorgeous cosplays of characters like Psylocke and Morrigan, Vampy also models professionally and is part of a costume/ prop-makers group called Team Mantium Designs.

The rest so far
Then there are the others like Redjuice ("Guilty Crown") - an anime illustrator of growing popularity - and STGCC-fan favourite, those toy folks from DevilRobots, will be back yet again for the weekend.

On the aural side of things, upcoming music producer DJ kz (livetune) and classical violinist TAM will be on site to provide the tunes.

If this series of guest announcements is not getting one stoked about attending STGCC, Red Dot Diva is not sure what else would! ;) She can assure you that there will definitely be more exciting news coming!

Do note that the STGCC tickets are not for sale just yet. Details on ticketing will be available in July 2013.

Just keep your eye out on the STGCC website so that you will not miss on the awesome geekery that will happen during the 31st August and 1st September weekend!

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