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SDCC 2013: Where Da Parties At??

Not only does San Diego transform into geek nirvana during Comic-Con, her nightlife gets as vibrant, with a slew of party venues for the geek and famous.

After the endless waiting in lines, jostling around with thousands of people, and craning one's necks to have a glimpse of your favourite celeb, almost anyone would feel in need of a drink (or two), or to let loose at a party before repeating the same thing again the next day.

So where are Da Cool Parties at for this year's Comic-Con?

Check this list out:

Wednesday, 17 July

Enchantment Under the SDCC - SDCCBlog Reader Party
(Updated: 10 July 2013)
The popular SDCC Unofficial Blog and Outside Comic-Con Blog peeps have joined hands to host a party for their readers and fellow bloggers. This was originally planned for at the Hilton Bayfront, but it has since changed to a new location at the Gaslamp.

Some folks may already be in San Diego because it is Preview Night, and the party will be a great way to get to know more fellow geeksters before the craziness of the convention begins. Wednesday night may just be the only breather you would get before it's all go-go-go till Sunday!

Updated Venue: Henry's Pub, 618 5th Avenue, Gaslamp
Time: 8 PM to 10 PM
RSVP here: 
Free of Charge. But now only for 21+
More info here:

The event will be sponsored by Warner Archive and Vita Coco so that means lots of cool prizes to be won. Vita Coco will also be featuring a cool Comic-Con cocktail mix during the party! And if you are already in the mood for shopping, Toddland will be selling some of their merchandise during the event.

2nd Annual Nerdioke
The Nerdy Girls Blog are again having a karaoke night and party this year - same place, same day, same time!!

Many of those attending Nerdioke are also major NerdHQ supporters and volunteers, so if you want to know more about being a Nerd, join them at the following place and sing your night away:

Venue: McFadden's San Diego, 731 5th Avenue
Time: 9 PM to midnight
For those 21 years and older
More info here:

A Meetup Of Our Own (Updated: 30 June 2013)
Non-profit organization Organization for Transformative Works or OTW for short, will be holding a party for all fandomers, authors and readers who use and enjoy Archive of Our Own (A03).

Venue: Tequila Bar at the Marriot Marquis & Marina Hotel
Time: 8 - 9.30 PM
Donations of $5 would be much appreciated! No Comic-Con badges necessary to attend.
More info here:

Thursday, 18 July

The Walking Dead Fan Meet-up
This party is hosted by well-zombified podcasters The Walking Dead Stalkers and The Walking Dead 'Cast.

So, if you are already feeling a little undead after battling actual non-zombie living things at the convention, shuffle along to the following venue in the evening.

There will be a live podcast taking place, and subject to changes to their schedule, guests from "The Walking Dead" like Nick Gomez (Tomas), Vincent Ward (Oscar) and Theodus Crane (Big Tiny), have been invited to make an appearance.

Venue: The Corner Bar, 369 10th Avenue, 5.00-7.30pm
Time: 5 - 7.30 PM Tickets are at $45

You can get your tickets right here!

Defective Geeks and the Geek Girl Project's SDCC Thur Night Mixer

Here's another opportunity to get to know and swap tips with fellow convention attendees. Red Dot Diva thinks it is always useful to expand one's network because there is so much to learn from others who are passionate about their varied interests. Besides, you might find someone to camp out at Hall H or Ballroom 20 with, and it is well known, the shared experiences at Comic-Con do create some pretty strong bonds!

Come join the hosts the Defective Geeks and the Geek Girl Project website owners and their friends for some geek companionship and drinks at:

Venue: Grand Lobby Bar, the Manchester Grand Hyatt
Time: 9 PM till late
Free of charge
RSVP here:

SherlockeDCC Fan Party (Updated: 15 June 2013)
The details for the fan party specially for BBC TV Series "Sherlock" fans have just been announced!

The party is hosted by The Baker Street Babes, Being Geek Chic, The Nerdy Girlie, SherlockDC, and Cara McGee, and there will be a photobooth, games and lots of party-style deductions going on!

Here's where you can channel your very own 221b Baker Street vibe in San Diego:

Venue: Brick + Mortar, 820 5th Ave
Time: 6 PM - 9 PM
Under 21's allowed
Tickets (USD 15 - 40) to the event can be secured right here!
And more info is available at this link.

Friday, 19 July
The Official Veronica Mars Fan Event/ Party  (Updated: 11 July 2013)

Now, this is a big one, people! And an official one to boot!

The party is open to Everyone. However, knowing how popular "Veronica Mars" is, and that creator Rob Thomas, the cast members and crew are expected to be at the party, Red Dot Diva warns that the waiting line to get into the venue will be insanely long.

The lucky ones who have managed to score and pledge for the VM SDCC Fan Package will get reserved seating at the event, but need to arrive at the venue, at 7 PM the very latest.

Venue: Horton Plaza, Regal Cinema (UA8)
Time: 7: 30 to 9 PM

If you are one of VM Movie's 91,000+ Kickstarter contributors, keep an eye on the constant updates from Rob and his team. Or follow @VeronicaMars, @RobThomas and @IMKristenBell Twitter accounts to get the latest news.

Funko Fun Days Party (Updated: 30 June 2013)
Can't stop collecting those adorable Funko pop-culture toys? Here's the official party hosted by Funko specially for their fans! There will be food and drinks, and of course, prizes to be won!

Venue: Holiday Inn at the Bay San Diego (now called The Wyndham San Diego Bayside)
Time: From 8 PM

Tickets at USD 60 each.

Please paypal at or call Anne at Funko!

Animation Under The Sea Party (Updated: 30 June 2013)
This seaside themed party hosted by folks from the animation industry! The mixer benefits the charity Music Saves Lives and features free food & drinks and swag.

Special guests Greg Berger and Greg Eagle will be attending.

The event is getting to be very popular, and you don't need a ticket. But there's a chance you can cut the line by donating and buying at ticket to support the charity.

Venue: Joe's Crab Shack, 525 E Harbor Drive
Time: 7 - 9 PM
More information:

Saturday, 20 July

Zombie Walk: San Diego After-Party
Every year for the last 6 years, Zombie Walk: SanDiego holds an awesome gathering of the undead through the streets of the Gaslamp District during Comic-Con. This year's zombie walk will be held on Saturday, 20 July.

Details are still to be announced, but they should be out real soon! Keep an eye out on their Twitter and Facebook accounts for the latest news. Just be careful that you don't get bitten, if you are a mere human zombie-sympathizer and intend to stay that way.

RSVP here:

SlamCon (details still not confirmed)
If you are wondering if SlamCon will be on this year, the answer is YES!!

Hosted by actors Todd Stashwick and Brea Grant, writer Deric A. Hughes and comic artist Dennis Calero, Slamcon began as an impromptu intimate party at Comic-Con 2011. The next year, the party exploded with hundreds of people who mingled at the tavern + bowling alley in the Gaslamp District. There could be a chance you might spot a few writers, comic folks and celebrities at Slamcon. For instance, Amber Benson dropped by the venue last year!

The venue, date and time is TBA, but Red Dot Diva is guessing it may still keep to its usual Saturday night.

Just keep checking the Twitter account @slam_con for details of the party when you are at Comic-Con!!

Captain Comic Con’s DrunkaPalooza: The Sequel Party (Updated: 30 June 2013)

If you want to catch Captain Comic Con in person, he will be hosting his annual party on Saturday! Go DrunkaPalooza and have a whole lot of fun at:

Venue: Wet Willies on 555 Market Street
Time: From 9 PM till late!

Remember to follow Captain Comic Con for more details!

(For those who are yet to be familiar, Captain Comic Con is also graphically available as one of the RNA Brand's stable of comics, and available in limited first print copies.
Email RNA for more info! )

Sunday, 21 July

The Primatech Zachary Quinto + Heroes Fans Meet-up (Dinner & Drinks)
Technically, this is not so much a party but a gathering of like-minded souls who admire Zachary Quinto's work and/ or love the cancelled NBC TV series "Heroes".

The small but growing group of fans (a group which Red Dot Diva is part of) has been meeting on Sunday for the last couple of years. And they intend to continue the tradition!

Anyone who do not mind some casual chill-out time with a bunch of people who may inadvertently squee about Zach Quinto, can come join them at this dining place.

Venue: Elephant and Castle Pub, near the lobby of Holiday Inn San Diego on the Bay
Time: 7.30 PM till late (option to hang out at the pub for drinks after dinner, for those above 21 years)
Food and drinks at your own costs
Join the FB group:
RSVP here:

The restaurant is just opposite the Maritime Museum, so watching a beautiful sunset while reminiscing about the awesomeness of what had transpired the last few days is a great way to wrap up a convention week.

"Not Quite Teen" Teen Wolf Fan Meetup (Updated: 22 June 2013)
Adult fans of the MTV series "Teen Wolf" are gathering with fellow howlers for a meetup at the following venue:

Venue: Yard House - 1023 4th Ave, San Diego, CA 92101 (Walking distance from the Convention Center on the corner or 4th Ave and Broadway)
Time: From 7 PM
RSVP has closed!
More info is available at this link.

Other Parties

There will definitely be a few more other parties announced as Comic-Con draws nearer. The notable ones that Red Dot Diva expects to happen are:

Fan Party at NerdHQ
For the uninitiated, NerdHQ is an alterna-venue outside of the convention center, hosted by The Nerd Machine (which is founded by actor Zachary Levi, David & Courtney Coleman).

Zac is very active in the managing of NerdHQ. He hosts the panels and is at the venue very often for impromptu photo ops, autograph sessions and such (at the cost of a small donation, of course!).

And there is usually a NerdHQ fan party open to the public. Or even if there isn't one this year, why not have one with your convention buddies at NerdHQ anyway? Any geek would feel very at home at this "off-convention" hangout.

For more info, follow the Twitter handles of Zachary Levi and The Nerd Machine.

Michael Ausiello's Party
Michael Ausiello (“Ask Ausiello” column in TVLine website) has confirmed that there is a party in the making this year. However, you should constantly check out his column at TVLine, and follow him on Twitter and Facebook for the party details.

Ausiello's party, held usually on Thursday night, is a much sought after shindig, with several celebrities attending and hanging out with the crowd. Word is, Ausiello will give out limited passes to the party through some form of online contest. So you will have to be alert and act fast in order to score one for yourself!


16 June - added details of SherlockeDCC Party!
22 June - added details of "Not Quite Teen" Teen Wolf Fan Meetup! It's on Sunday 21 July.
30 June - added details of Funko Fun Days Party, Captain Comic Con's DrunkaPalooza and OTW's A Meetup Of Our Own.
8 July - name and venue details for SDCCBlog Reader Party amended and updated!
10 July - age restriction for SDCCBlog Reader Party updated!
11 July - added venue for Veronica Mars Fan Party, added Animation "Under The Sea" party

If you have a cool party held during Comic-Con, send me the details!


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