Monday, February 20, 2012

Autobots Get A Taste of Singapore Kaya Toast

Singapore brekkie for the Autobots
Frankly.... Red Dot Diva just couldn't help snickering at the images that steamrolled into her email in-box that day.

You see, well-loved Transformers characters Autobots Optimus Prime and Bumblebee decided to drop in to the Red Dot Island last week. And the first thing they did was to have a taste of the iconic Singaporean breakfast consisting of kopi-O, kaya toast and you tiao at the Old Airport Road Food Centre.

Can Autobots even digest food? Red Dot Diva is confused.

Anyway, they seemed to enjoy the local cuisine - whatever form they happened to be consumed in. "Energy foods" has now taken on a new meaning, Red Dot Diva shrugs. After surprising the early crowds at the food centre with their sudden appearance, the two Autobots decided that they had to visit Chinatown.

There, they made friends with an amused ice-cream vendor uncle and then - so Red Dot Diva was told - they took a touristy trishaw ride.

So.... is retro trishaw posting in pic above one of their local robo-mechanical pals? There should already be a Trishaw Autobot, right? As well as a Tuk-Tuk Autobot. What about an SMRT Train Decepticon? Or his bestie, the NTUC Taxi Decepticon? Red Dot Diva is certain they do exist. Right, Hasbro?

What's really missing though is a nice cozy-squeezy pic of Optimus Prime fitting into the petite trishaw together with Bumblebee.

Next, the island-hopping Autobots dropped in at the central financial district of Raffles Place. Against the backdrop of swanky skyscrapers, the popular Autobots met some of their adoring fans and gamely posed for souvenir photos.

If you have missed Optimus Prime's and Bumblebee's local adventures last week, don't worry.

The two are still stomping around town. They have checked-in to their hotel at Resorts World Sentosa today, probably also scoping out the venue and ensuring that it's safe for their fans when they converge for The Transformers Cybertron Convention.

This bi-annual convention, dedicated to all things Transformers, will be held at Compass Ballroom, Resorts World Convention Centre in Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore on 11 – 14 March 2012.

Check out the previous Red Dot Diva blog post and find out about this special convention!

If you are intending to come to the convention, you can buy the tickets/ packages through various ways:

- via the Resorts World Sentosa website
- from ticketing booths located at Universal Studios Singapore, RWS Ticketing and Membership Hub and MEM
- by calling the reservation hotline +65 6577 8888
- or getting them through authorised travel agents

But do hurry! They might most probably be selling out real quickly!


Go to the website for updates and more information about the 2012 TRANSFORMERS Cybertron Con website!

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Specially for those non-local folks:

You Tiao - Chinese food. A long strip of dough, deep fried and usually eaten during breakfast with congee or soy milk.

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